A few questions

ok i have a few questions. The are mostlytrials questions but i might have a few that aren’t.

1.what can i do to help me on my trials since I don’t have a trials uni yet? I am already doing stand stills with sif and going down and touching the tire with my butt and coming back up and repaeting. I am also hopping sif( hopping up, forwards and sideways).
2.how do you do drops if you can’t rool out?
3.I aqm working on a trials course what do i need? i will have pallets, I already have a nice skinny but i’m making it bigger, might talk my dad into a picnic table we have, might talk my dad into a stair set that we dont really need, maybe a car considering my grandpa works at a junk yard(he is also the person getting my pallets), i will have 4 huge tire that came off my uncles truck, and thats about it. one thing i really want is a grind box but i already know how to make it.

ok thats it for now. I will probably have some more later

  1. practice your foward gaps and make sure you are landing them foward because if you don’t the tire squishes odly and tends to mess you up. practice pedal graps, and getting up especially from just on the pedal. also kinda a no brainer but practice your ups.
  2. to do a drop you don’t roll out of you keep more of your weight on the rear pedal to keep your self from rolling and when you hit you crunch up your legs to absorb the impact.
  3. your trials course sounds like it will be fun. possibly take a bunch of stumps and set them up so you can gap in between them.

ok thanks. does any one else have anything to add

stairs are really easy to make if you’ve got a power miter box or a circular saw and some wide, thick boards. also, you make want to consider making one of those triangular things that i don’t know what theyre called.

check out my course

1: practice doing skinnys, unless you crash really hard you won’t break your current uni, is it a learner one? plus it’s helps in overall balance
2:/3: already answered

nice little course you got. i want mine to be bigger and when it is finished it is going to have a suprise that will be in a movie I make after the course is done. I’m not going to build my course until after I get my trials uni though. I am going to have very little stuff I can already do and have a good bit of stuff I can’t do where I can challenge myself. I am also goingto make it where I can change it around and stuff

the skinny I already have is only like 6 ft long so it isn’t the longest thing in the world

Practice riding along cracks in the world or along the lines in parking lots of you need skinnies to practice on…Also learne to ride SIF cuz that improves your balance alot. If you cant rolout of a drop then absorb the impact with your bady as much as possible…If yourSIF doing the drop then crouch on the landing and if your Sea t in doing the drop then bend at the waist to absorb the forces.

off topic but torkerdx your little thing that always shows up at bottom of posts helped me:D and i love your name

I am working on seat drags so i think that should help. i can ride sif when the unicycle is retty close to me just as good as if I was sitting on the saddle i just need to work on extending my arm. i am also doing something I fould on here that said do stand stills with you sif and bend down as far as you can then come back up hop(to regain your balance) then do and stand still etc until you are hitting you butt on the tire every time

build 2 or more gapping bars(on www.unicycletips.com) and but 8 foot long 2 by 4’s in them and put them one after another to make a great, long skinny.