A farewell- So Blue

Well my camera is officially no more… well I consider it to be anyway… It’s disappeared somewhere and if I ever got it back probably wouldn’t work anymore anyway.I was out filming with my camera which at the time could only see blue so I decided to theme my video… and… well you’ll see… haha I’m really disappointed in the quality of my riding and the variety/generally coolness of the contents of this video but I’ll post it anyway in memory of my dead and gone camera. Enjoy!

haha we were talking about this song last night! :slight_smile:

Nice working riding around that concrete island thing the backwards was cool :slight_smile: and seat out up the 4 was nice too. sucks about your camera!

nice, but you should have grind the handrail:p

Exactly what i thourgt :smiley: Nice roll hop op the 4 set Btw