A_____ed P____e Co__r F___e ?!?


Can anyone possibly fill in these blanks?

Sure looks wild from here!

Stay tuned

Trying not to give it away, that should be:

A (5 blanks) ed P (4 Blanks) e Co (2 blanks) r F (3 blanks) e

Anodized Purple Coker Frame


Pictures Please! :slight_smile:

I can’t believe you John!

Now that’s a fine Unicyclist!

I can only offer this photo, as Darren Bedford still has my wheel

I still can’t get over how you got that!

This pic really doesn’t do it justice…the flash caught more irregularities than the naked eye can make out (and the bottom is blanked out from the flash)

I’ll repost with the full uni on Sunday

Again, Wow John!

This paint is from Candian Tire, who offer many ‘anodized metal paint’ colours in a spray can.

Seeing how easily this chips (and my thoughts were Cokers don’t see many chip making wipeouts)
get your frame powdercoated…if you want it coloured

Very nice! I didn’t know there were anodized coloured paints.

Do post more pictures when you get the unicycle put together. It’s gonna look sharp.

I cheated. I had just posted about jagur’s anodized SH frame so I had anodized colors on my mind. Then I see your strange post, and the answer was there.

a wild guess

Assumed Prime Corner Face

wow, nice :slight_smile:

I was wondering how much it would cost to get a frame powder coated, anyone know?

I want mine a really garish bright GREEN! That would be funny.

I was thinking of doing my coker and my muni if it costs less to do a batch.

That’s hilarious Brian, cause I just finished "anodizing " my muni red. It’s the same stuff from canadian tire. It also comes in blue, yellow, green and i think there may be another colour.:stuck_out_tongue:

I, too, have been contemplating painting my Coker. Getting tired of Chrome. Did you paint over the chrome without preparing the surface? That’s probably why it chips very easily. Most likely it will start flaking off in bigger portions. I went ahead and contacted Rick Hunter and he replied he is now working on a 36" frame. Not to mention he would sell it to me unfinished, far less work then prepping a chrome finish. What better reason to upgrade?

It cost me $44 (Aussie Dollars) to get my muni powder coated a nice bright yellow (but not an ugly yellow). The uni in the attached photo is a nice bright green. You can’t see it very well in that frame (from a video) but it looks nice. Can anyone tell me who the rider is? He’s got a pretty stylish riding style.


unicon - freestyle competition.jpg


Dan Heaton, and I think that it is from the “Jam Session” at UNICON.


Thanks. I’ve heard so much about Dan and I thought I’d never seem him in any of the videos I’ve got. So is that uni a custom job? It’s nice.


This particular paint, METALCAST is designed to be painted on car engines, and other fau-chrome finsishes.

The only prep was roughing up the surface with 400 grit sand paper.

That is hilarious, Rich…although I bet your MUni frame will see alot more abuse than my Coker frame…you could always get a red one from Darren :slight_smile:

A few months ago, a nearly 7 and a half foot unicycle was discovered in a garage sale, where it had been sitting around for 15 years (one believing in fate would say just waiting for me) and had a hideous color scheme. After some work (like buying a seat, pedals, and sanding the frame), i found this nice metallic gold paint at an auto shop.

Here’s a picture if anyone is interested of my 7 foot, 5 inch unicycle to the bottom of the swayback of the saddle style seat:


I’m pretty sure it’s just a spray painted semcycle frame.


Custom job…Hey Andrew…didn’t you pay 3 arms and legs for a ‘custom’ MUni that you had to beat a 3" tire into?

I just don’t see the benefit of a custom MUni taken from the measurements of an already exisiting MUni…just done up worse

It’s like saying…Here take these specifications…screw them up slightly, and it’ll be my ‘custom MUni’ please forgive me if I’m wrong, but seriously…a ‘custom’ Muni? hmmmm

I believe that Dan’s freestyle frame is a German frame that he picked up at the Germain UNICON. I don’t know the brand.

But why that shade of green?

Yes, but getting a muni shipped to Australia from unicycle.com would have cost 3 arms and legs plus his first born. Shipping, duty, taxes, and whatnot makes it insanely expensive to buy a unicycle from unicycle.com and ship it to Australia. At some point you have to say that it’s just plain crazy to waste all that money on shipping and taxes so you end up getting a custom one made locally. It’s quite possible that Andrew’s custom muni ended up costing less than getting a Yuni/Profile muni shipped from unicycle.com.

(that he had to beat a 3" tire into)

Here’s a picture if anyone is interested of my 7 foot, 5 inch unicycle to the bottom of the swayback of the saddle style seat:
That looks great. Was it very expensive?


I was asking whether or not it was a custom job because I hadn’t seen one like it before. Yes, as I’ve said I’m disappointed that my design wasn’t followed and I therefore don’t have any clearance, but I’m really pleased with the muni in general. Once the GP frames are made and I’ve saved up a bit of cash I’ll change to one of them with ample clearance. As John said, I was still better off cost wise not having to ship it into Australia.

Now come on, you can’t tell me this isn’t a beautiful muni. :slight_smile: