a drop i built

will my non splined hub manage this drop? i have managed it only once.



it is onto mud/grass on a slope and i only weight 8 stoneish.


I may not be qualified to be sure but, looks like certain death to a poor set of square tapers.

i’d say eventually that’d kill some square tapers. and by eventually i mean in not that long. Good technique would help, as would a soft landing. if you’re gonna be repeatedly doing that(and bigger) get some splines.

Don´t worry! Be happy.

looks fun and unsafe which adds to the excitement keep it up:D

Great pics. Splines would be nice, but depending on how much you weigh, they mike make it a while. keep up the good work!:smiley:

Great photos and a great structure! Where is it? In your backyard or out in a forest somewhere? Or both?


its in a field next to my house. i have landed it once out of 50 times and thought i might find it easier on my 24. it might just be that after the first time i landed it i ruined the landing ramp so its landing on flatter ground.

I know this has nothing to do with Fred A Arnoldson Esq drop but i whant to show you guys a drop we came by when doin a muni ride in the north shore

here is the pic

so, didja land it?

hahahahahahhahaha yeah right that like peaking at 18 feet there is a reason why it is called the riduculator

oh god that’s scary…

seriously though…when I saw th epicture I felt my heart clench.

One voice is telling me: Dude…you would so try that…!

and another voice is saying: don’t be stupid you’ll kill yourself. noquestions asked.

The first voice then says:well, if someone build it then it must be doable right? An in any event…you coul always bail in mid-air.

SEE?! that’s why I don’t think I’ll live past my twenties!

Didn’t KH land that drop?

I am not sure but, he has done drops that size

Really… 18+ feet?

damn that’s impressive.

God…the irony is so thick I could slice it with a knife