"A Day in the Life of a Unicyclist" Example

Well, I was going to enter this video into the video competiton “A Day in the Life of a Unicyclist,” but I thought that by me seeing the others videos gave me a leg up on the competition. Therefore, I’m posting this as an example for those who do not fully understand what I’m asking in terms of rules.

Here’s a link to the competiton I’m speaking of:

The deadline for it is January 10,2008. So there’s still plenty of time to enter.

I spent probally 15-20 hours editing this documentary, so I’d greatly appreciate your comments, negative or positive. It’s 17 minutes long, so before watching make sure you have plenty of time.


Ooops it’s too late to edit…the video may be inappropriate for young viewers. I meant to add that when I posted it.

Nice vid !

Very nice! I liked the music. Was the caterpillar stomping really necessary though? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys for the nice comments.

If you think that’s bad what we did to the caterpillar, you don’t even want to know what we did to the praying mantis.

I commented on the video haha

Haha, I can’t watch vimeo… but why is it inappropriate?

I assumed language or something but then I saw some posts about killing bugs? :frowning:
They’re helpless… and did no harm…

No its inappropriate because of language and inappropriate hand gestures.
Bug killing is always appropriate.

Oh, haha.

The end was poor. Did you just get bored or did you forget to edit the song to make it fade out?

The catterpillar ruined it for me. Your choice to put it in there though.

Yea I watched the video over 100 times while editing it, so I didn’t even bother to watch it before uploading it to vimeo. I’m sure I did do a fade but the sound quality got really messed up in wmm, if you listen you can hear a bunch of glitches.

I don’t know why the catepillar ruined it for you, was it boring to watch or did you feel bad for the catepillar?

Nice video!

And nice Iron Maiden shirt haha. The “Somewhere Back in Time”-Tour rocked! I watched it in Assen in Netherland :smiley:

wow that was awesome! i didnt think i was gonna stick with it for 16 minutes but i did.

You have an HV20 and edited it in windows movie maker?! What?!

Also, you killed a praying mantis? Shame on you, they are amazingly badass. A better thing to do would be to feed it other bugs and watch it ruin their crap.

Yea I know, but I’m getting a mac when I go off to college, so I don’t feel like upgrading my computer now so I can run a high tech program.
I know it sucks, and it’s not even just an hv20 anymore, I’ve added like $400 worth of gear on to it now.

Also we didn’t kill the praying mantis, we just messed with it, it tried jumping in my mouth.

Thanks for all the comments everybody, it makes all the time and effort that I put into these worthwhile.

That was pretty nice. I enjoyed it all.

Except for the bug-killing :frowning: :o :angry:

That was a nice video, I laughed pretty hard at the scale, and you throwing up.

Kinda inspires me to make a vid, but I cant for a little while. I’ll try to get it in by the 10th though.

Why would you kill something like that? It just made me feel bad. I couldn’t enjoy the film after that.

do you cry over a tree stumps?
its a caterpillar…

you mean to tell me you wouldn’t kill a mosquito if it lands in front of you … and you have the chance?

what’s the difference…

what’s to gain?

I think everything God put on earth is worthy of respect.
NOTHING should be killed for ammusement.