A day at the beach [trials]

let me know what you think :smiley:

I like the skinny at the beginning and the hop over it :slight_smile: I think you should have filmed Ryan too though :stuck_out_tongue: Btw, how high was the hop at 0:14?

That was very nice man!!:slight_smile:

Pretty damn good for someone with a broken leg ;).

i can´t see the vid in Germany!shit!!!

ah sorry, i’ll do a vimeo link as soon as I can charge my laptop again, the charger broke :frowning:
thanks guys!
try this axel

Very nice video :smiley: Lol at your attempts to jump off the the little bridge :stuck_out_tongue: I want to see more! :wink:

i’m not axel, but that one doesn’t work in Germany either :confused:


that perhaps?
If my laptop had battery i would just upload to vimeo! :frowning:

Nice Vid man! I love the sidehops and skinny. Talk to u on the chat tomorrow.

Thanks for all the comments! :slight_smile:
vimeo link, got my laptop back!

please keep the comments coming :slight_smile: