a couple new vids...

Well my elbow is still swollen from the recent WW fall, but the antibiotics my doc prescribed seem to have helped. So here are a couple of short videos made in just the last few days. The second one shows me muni-ing down a sand dune! It’s way steeper than it looks, but I still couldn’t get going as fast as I wanted because of the depth of the sand. Thought it would be fun to try, and the cheering crowd sounds was quite loud!

The one I did just yesterday (first one) shows me mounting and riding my first “Skinny”, altough it’s not THAT skinny, but for me it was another first. It was the kind of ride (muni) where I just used whatever I found along the trail that (I thought) looked “film-worthy”, including a waaay to-close-to-the-edge shot I did while riding; almost fell over the 200+ foot sheer cliff! :astonished:

“Tacked on” to the above vid (Comes after the credits) is also some quick clips of my short visit to Venice Beach, amidst the skaters, who did not seem very happy to share their “Space” with a (lone) unicyclist! Somehwere in this one also is my very first sif “seat drop” and pick up…not sure if that’s the correct terminology, so please fillme in on that.:slight_smile: Anyway, making these two vids was fun, but as usual my riding was not very impressive…but then again not bad for an old guy!:smiley: I I’m getting really close to doing my first “Glide” and 180 unispin! Will post that asap if I don’t kill myself first!:wink:




one thing, dont do the camera tilt thing as much…it got confusing

That wasn’t intentional…at least not the PV one because I didn’t have a tripod and had to get it to “balance” on a variety of different natural surfaces. :slight_smile: But I agree, the tilt thing should be used sparingly, but my thinking was that it would make it look alittle more interesting than just a succession of plain “static” based shots.

Cool, looks like you were having alot of fun:) I think the name for the thing you did is a seat bounce, in a seat drop you usually catch the frame with your foot. The tilted camera was kind of cool on the shot with the stairs but on the shot with you hopping up the hill it wasn’t very good because in order to kind of tell what was going on it would help to see how steep it was.
Anyway, it was good, you are getting better:)

That “hill hop” shot was done that way kindof because I didn’t have a tripod and it was balanced on the side of the hill; there wasn’t really anywhere else I could find to put it. Yeah it was too tilted.

Nice video! like your others, i really liked it and found it fun to watch =p

How is WW coming along? i wont be surprised to see you do it in your next video =p maybe try to ride down stairs one footed, just to make it more interesting for ya, also, i bet you can start hopping 2 stairs at a time now=p and that cliff, it looked like you were riding right on the very edge, one wrong bump could of sent ya over, and when you were balancing between the branches, i could only think of what ppl would be thinking of when they saw you while they passed by lol, now to end my very long run-on sentence.

Yeah that was close! I didn’t realize how close to the edge I was until I looked away from the camera…just in time! The WW is a litle better, but progressing slowly. I can do the one-foot riding pretty well, so I’m thinking, why not try gliding? It seems like a natural progression to just bring my other foot up on the tire, once I’m pedalling smoothly enough. Is it easier to bail from a glide than a WW? BTW, the stuff in your sig is almost the same things I’m working on…with the exception of <<coast, ride backwards one-footed>> that’s quite a ways down the road for me still, if ever! Good for you though…go for it, you can do it!

They are both really easy to bail from since both feet are already off the pedals. It is just hard to bail cleanly from gliding when you are going fast but as a beginner with it you won’t be going fast any time really soon.

only part that will be bad for bailing, is when your legs are coming off the pedals, but one pedal comes up from behind and bites your calf, or in my case, it was my ankle, but that doesnt happen if you get your feet out fast enough, so as long as you dont go to fast, youll be fine =p

Nice movies
I like the one when you are in the woods!

That ride took 3+ hours; about 45 minutes down and 2.5 back up! It was so steep I had to walk 80% of the way back up, and my quads are on FIRE 2 days later! I am sure the quad pain is mostly from hiking UP, not riding down, because I wasn’t putting hardly any back pressure on the pedals, but still I think it’s another attack of “DOMS” [delayed onset muscle soreness] :astonished: But I can’t wait to go do it again!

as always a pleasure to watch…you really are improving…but as i think isaid before…whenever you do a drop you always just “stick” it. which is bad for hub, spokes, rim etc. you really should try rolling out. but aside from that minor detail those were both really good!


Thanks for reminding me about that. I keep forgetting to try to “roll out” of those drops. I also want to try to add at least a 90 degree twist to the drop as well. I guess I have to work more on my confidence level; that might help me try more stuff. :smiley:

i did notice the 90 degree turns! that is a stepping stone…oh i meant to ask you. how are the cranks on your summit doing(i just got a set i wanted to kno)

Surprisingly well! The truck bed coating that was sprayed on (at 200 degrees) seems to have really protected them from contact with rocks, concrete and other unforgiving surfaces.

well i more meant the hub/crank assembly as a whole…as in bends, skews, looseness… but im glad to hear that yours still look pretty!:smiley:

Whoops…sorry I misunderstood. They seem to be holding up fine, but I’ve had to tighten the crank bolts a couple of times. It’s probably a good time now to take them off and clean everything. :slight_smile:

ok thanks!