A chance to ride for the WNBA during halftime

The following is from an email I received from Tom Copeland. Jason Badell
in charge of the Utah Starzz promotions. Jason is looking for a team of
unicyclists to perform during a Utah Starzz halftime. I’m posting this here
since Tom’s mailing list may not include some people who may be interested.
Since Tom is the “coordinator” of this performance further inquiries should
be directed to him. Tom’s website is http://unicycleutah.tripod.com/ and
his email is tomcopeland@mail.com.

If you live in (or can travel to) Utah and want to participate let Tom or me


>Begin quote ----------------------
I talked with Jason Badell about the Starzz half-time show. He said he was
thinking of a basketball routine, but we could come up with something else.
Most people that responded to my earlier email also suggested that we do a
basketball game between two unicylce team and maybe have some giraffe
dunking. One person suggested a cops and robbers routine where the robbers
steal a bag of money and the cops chase them around. The fake money
eventually gets thrown into the audience causing some excitement. With
either routine, we could have the more advanced riders jump some obstacles
and we could work in tricks for those who can do them. Here are some other
> Dates available: July 17, July 31 or Aug 9. I will be out of town Aug 9,
and I think the July 31 date works best for me. I need feedback from the
rest of you on what date works for you.
> Perks: We will not get paid, but Jason said he can give us 3 or 4 tickets
for each person so some of your friends and family can watch. He said he
would also work on getting us free parking in the staff parking lot.
> Pratice: Jason wants to see our performance before the show, so we would
probably need to practice at least once or twice before we show it to him.
Then we would probably need another practice or two (depending on how
complicated we make it) before the show. I am thinking each practice will
last about two hours. If you are interested, please let me know what dates
you can practice and what time of day works best for you.
> Uniforms: Jason suggested that each team wear matching t-shirts with our
unicycle club logo on it if we do the basketball routine. We would have to
pay for the shirts ourselves, but my sister has her own t-shirt business in
Oklahoma. She would probably do them for me for her cost. (She made me two
Unicycle Utah shirts for free the last time I visited her.) I would need to
know the design and sizes within the next two weeks because my daughter is
going to visit her and will be returning in about three weeks. She could
bring the shirts back with her so that we would not have to pay postage.
Another option is that we might be able to wear Utah Starzz practice
> This will be a lot of fun and a chance for us all to horse around a
little. Please let me know if you are interested and what game dates and
practice dates are best for you. Thanks.

dont stress out to much,the average attendance at a WNBA game isnt very many:p

id personally be scared to go there myself,they dont let me in to Portland Fire games.the WNBA is in escrow.