A casual ride on my unicycle today turned into something UNREAL, im in shock...

I dont know what to say it’s the strangest but greatest experience of my life yet…

A unicylce ride down the street today that turned into something just…amazing, weird, fun, strange just everything…


Ok so I was at home doing nothing, so I felt like going for a ride on my KH 20 Trials, (as I would regularly, but riding down the street I do that about once a month or when i fell like it). So there I was riding searching for some handrails in my area that I could learned to grind on…I continued searching until… I rode pass the Pub/Hotel I was almost pass 2 blokes in there 20-30’s when they said “Can I have a go on that!” (Ok so this was pretty normal but keep reading) So he starts riding it 10 meters than falls off and tells me he owns one himself, a crappy one.

So these guys started giving me handshakes and all this knuckle stuff, and talking to me about everyday things. Now more on this drunk guy… he was giving me handshakes every 2 minutes because I was showing them “amazing tricks” (to them, like 360 unispin, 360’s, hops, wheel walk you know all that kind of stuff…crankflips…) THEY WERE AMAZED… so the guy that was not druck said “Do you want me to buy you a drink?” Coke? Solo? And I said “nah Im fine…” but he insisted so there I was drinking some coke in a glass at this pub with two randoms (but nice ones, the drunk guy recently had his 25th birthday, I assume last night).

Then the drunk guy taps me on the back, I turn around and there in forn to f my eyes is a 50 DOLLAR NOTE…(WTF???) He goes “take ittiititit”, he could not stand strait or talk quite properly… So I put it in my sock because I had no pockets…

The guy that was not drunk then bought me some chips and another drink…

about 20 minutes after all of this they say "come around the corner and lets make some money, You’ll make heeps + some swear words in between all this lol…

So there’s a 1.5m wheel, a kid, and a unicycle, it was pretty weird to alll the blokes. "I’ll give you 20 bucks if you jump of that wall!) (OMG HELL Yeah!) So there I am on the wall ready to get 20 bucks, I ride off the 1.5m wall and get 20 bucks!

So they have more of a chat with me saying stuff like “yeah we are your brothers, we are your manager, you have to come around here more often”, and the drunk guy still giving me handshakes every 2 minutes…

A bus load of people rock up out of no where and “MY MANAGERS” say to them “HEY 50 bucks on this kid that he can ride off that WALL!” Lol well I got another 6Bucks for riding of the wall again and stacking it.

Then the drunk guy offered me 50$ if I did a 360 of this 1.5m wall… (I don’t think I can do that, I wish I could of but oh well…)

After about 3 hours or something it this crazy experience and money making day came to an end. I was faced with pier pressure like the drunk guy insisting on me that I “stall” (meaning hop onto) someone elses car and car bumber and wine tables, but I kind just said ahh no…and stepped to the other guy that wasn’t drunk…

The guy that wasn’t drunk rang his girlfriend and the drunk guy wen’t home with them and so after that I had heeps of mixed feelings, thinking WHAT THE ^&(^()( extremely strange, weird, no describing… I sat there for 10 minutes, just sitting there then I went home, hopped on the forums and started typing this.

And one last thing, the thing that was partly VERY STRANGE…VERY STRANGE was that my mum asked me as soon as I got in the door, "Hi Brandon, did you meet anyone?"

Maybe I should ride around the bars more often.

I figured I’m going there every weekends… :roll_eyes:

What an interesting event, I agree. My advice to you for a number of reasons is to avoid that place for some time, and never take money from drunken strangers who can afford to wave $50 at you. Seriously.

ok yep theres lots of pubs where im movin to im hell goin to them im talkin ppl who are drunk all the time i got stopped on my bmx in gatton once he thought it was a motor bike and asked me if he cud ride it then got shitty at my mongoose bmx because he thought it didnt go and i was pretending

Start practicing 360’s off of walls :wink:

Yeah, if that guy sobers up and realizes he gave you a wad of cash for no reason, I’d bet he’s not going to be very happy if he sees you again. He might come after you to get that money back.

'Tis a shame, only 16 years old and already mr.UNI’s mind has been wasted by drink and drugs.

Stay away from pubs, kids.

I’ve spent time with one or two alcoholics.

Anyone who behaves in the manner described sounds likely to be at least borderline alcoholic.

One of the things alcoholics do is “groom” you into being their friends, then they exploit the situation and turn suddenly aggressive if they don’t get what they want. It’s a standard pattern of behaviour and one to be avoided at all costs. If an alcoholic has decided that you are his friend, or he “owns you” then it is very difficult to get out of the situation elegantly.

Apart form that, there are all sorts of safety and legal concerns arising from doing something dangerous for money in a public place.

Unisykolist, what did your parents say when you told them what happened?

This is the part that made me a bit suspicious of their motives. You’re lucky it turned out the way it did. In the future, you should not be so trusting of strangers like that, especially intoxicated ones! Also because you’re only 14 and by yourself! And I would want to follow strangers “around the corner” , even at my age, lol!

Wow, what a story! Do you feel called to performance? (:

fixed. :o

Hahaha nice story! sounds like you got lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t tell them…

One thing about the around the corner part. I knew exactly what was around the corner, I live in this town and know the place very well. Also the guys just seemed like a normal person that would say “where’s the other wheel” you know there all nice and you know their nice simply by observing them and what they say. They were locals. But yes I agree you never know…

Something tells me you should tell them.

As said, not the best thing to be doing.

I’ve had a few drunks start nice, but had a few actually threaten to beat me up and get very very angry. Once it was simply for saying I had to go, after doing a few simple tricks, said I had to wait and got angry. I’m a pretty big kid at 6,1 180-200lb, so I was terribly frightened, but now I just tell most I learning and can’t ride. Had another drunk fellow threaten to kick my ass if I didn’t ride it for his girlfriend, that was when I first started and really had a hard time freemounting, I got away fine, but I was sweating it.

It isn’t about what is around the corner, as in building and junk, it’s about who.

Woah, thats kinda scary :S

Glad you got out of it ok

Yeah, hilarious! :stuck_out_tongue: