A big fat 24x3 slick

And it’s not a Fireball!

A new cruiser and custom bike company called 3G Bikes is making a 24x3 slick tire called the Hoggy-G. The tire is similar to the Ritchey Moby tire, but it’s fatter and is 24". The sidewall on the tire says it’s 3.45" wide, but the sidewalls on tires always lie. If you measure the width it’s actually around 2.6" wide which makes it about as wide as the 3" downhill tires. I didn’t measure the tire carefully so don’t quote me on the 2.6" width for it. This tire has a round profile. The Dyno Fireball has a much flatter and square profile. The rounder profile on the Hoggy-G should make it a better tire than the Fireball for general riding around. Don’t know if the rounder profile would make it better for trials or not. It would be interesting to see that tire side by side with a Dyno Fireball to compare them.

I have no idea how they came up with the 3.45" number on the sidewall. 3.45" would be HUGE and the tire is not that big. It does have a lot of air volume though. It’s definitely bigger than the Maxxis Hookworm. It may or may not be bigger than the Fireball.

3G Bikes web site is at <http://www.3gbikes.com/>
Navigate through the Flash, select The Bikes Etc, Components, and then Tires.

I saw the tire at the Seattle Bike Swap (an annual bike flea market type thing in Seattle). Distribution for the bikes and stuff is just getting setup here in the USA. Parts and stuff aren’t generally available yet, but the tire should be available in a few months.

He’s going to be at the Seattle Bike Expo in two weeks (February 28-March 2) showing off the bikes. I’ll remind myself to bring a tape measure to get a more accurate width measurement for the tire. Jeff Lenosky is going to be doing trials demos at the Expo too. What a deal!

A guesstimate for the price of the tire is $30 or maybe a little more. In any event, it’s gonna be cheaper than what the Fireball is going for now.

sweet find John.

by the looks of those bykes i’d say there not going to be around that long unless there real priced cheap.the Dyno choppers were so nice but cost so much that they didnt sell like hotcakes.

i think it would be wize to buy alot of those Hoggys right when they come out.

Thanks for the link. I agree the 3.45 designation may be a bit liberal but it looks like it will be a cool tire.
As I was reading my way through the site, I realized, I knew this guy. Gary Silva, the man behind 3G bikes was indeed a very successful bike dealer here in South Fla.
I bought quite a few bikes from Gary over the years, I bought my first high end mountain bike from him in 1983. I dropped a load of cash on stuff in his shops over the last nearly twenty years. He liked to wheel and deal and he’d always give me the best price in town.
He had a shop on South Beach in the mid nineties where I rode one of his unpainted prototype choppers with a Shimano Nexus hub. He told me of his plans to move to Cali. and start producing them.
Read the “about us” section on the site. It’s all true, the man has been around and is a good guy. I wish him well.