a bad day for prototypes

ok it all started in the garage.i was working on a loose crank and going back and forth trying to see if i had fixed the problem when i noticed movement from what i thought was the seat tube of my 29er frame.

after the Cali-Muni week-end i had noticed what i thought may be a crack on the under side of the seat tube.in the garage the seat tube started wobbling and said to myself ("why dont i go hop off the front steps and see if i finish this thing off :slight_smile: ")_____ Ok im at the top of the three front steps on my porch and as i leap off my hand flys to the sky because the front of my prototype handle broke clean off,like a glass rod!

now imagine your in the air doing a sudden no handed 90 degree turn down three steps,my instinct was to abandon the unicycle so i kicked it away from me.

now for the funniest part,as the wheel was still in the air my unicycle’s rear bumper spanks the pavement and shatters!______ the bumper is really no big deal,it was uncured and never ment to last this long.although the timing for it giving up the ghost was just uncanny…

So it was 1-2-3 broken thing day.

you can see some pic’s of the broken handle at the very bottom of page one in my Super 29er gallery

pic’s the frame and the rear bumper are on page 2 of the same gallery.

(lol, that sux man)


I like your Spongebob, Patrick, and jellyfish drawings on the table. Spongebob is giraffe unicyclist, if you didn’t know. He has a paddle wheeled giraffe.

Bummer about the frame though. That just plain sucks.


hey can you do a front pic fo the frame or one frome the other side not just the right side of the uni

that just sucks hehe thoe funy still sucks all at one time.

i feel your pain thoe on loosing your wheel i have been with out my coker for 2 months now and no hopes of it being resurected to soon.


SH has already told told me to send him the crown and he can fix it,its not that big of a deal.i was suppose to try and brake it, :astonished: im in no pain jugglerobaby…
the drawings are from my son of course,we are currently going through “the battle for Bikini Bottom” right now on the X-box.im waiting for the part where we get to accually ride that uni in the game…

At least it held together for the Cali Muni Weekend. :slight_smile:

I’m exceptionally pleased that my Profile crank was kind enough to stay in one piece for the entire muni weekend. Be happy that your 29er was nice enough not to fall apart in California.

Great to finally see a pix of the person who sent me this awesome frankenstein sticker that I look at every day. I have to thank your son big for that one. Its hard to have a bad day when frankenstein is giving you a funny angry face all the time.

Tuff break on the Uni Jag, I hope you get it all back together soon. And Just look at thoes beautiful Iron Crosses, Still in one Peice.



i know! magniesium even…ive hit them so hard on rocks before i thought i was going to spark a forest fire…they havent even lost one pin!