A 24" Racing Uni

I’ve been meaning to construct a zippy 24" uni and am seeking advice/opinions from people who’ve tried similar.

Would a 650c wheel be the equivalent of a 24" uni? I know it’s an equivalent of a 584mm diameter which amounts to 22.84" - is this an accurate size? Has anyone tried measuring your tri bikes?

I’ve heard about how thin tires are harder to balance on and you’re more likely to feel every bump on the road because of that and the fact that the tires need to be really pumped up. How different is this from riding a Miyata?

Are unicycle hubs any wider than race bike hubs? If so, how would this affect the build of a race uni wheel?

Pics of your race/road unis are much appreciated.

(p.s: I have read the 700c slim tyre riders thread which talks about a 700c wheel which I’d assume would ride quite differently from a 650c one)

I am pretty sure 584mm is 650B not sure what the bead seat diameter of 650C is but it would be a bit smaller.

584mm would but it right between a 26" (559) and a 29/700C/28" (622).

I think it would work well in a 26" frame.

I would worry more about the height of the flanges than the width. Height makes a big difference in spoke length, width does not.