900 unispin on a 12-inch!!!

Not to impressive since Adrien landed a 1080 on a 19-inch! haha

But it was fun! :smiley:

Hope you like it!


Watch in HD.

hahaha that was awesome

Thanks Pat! haha

Youtube is being gay but vimeo has great quality so you can just watch it there.

nice :slight_smile:

haha! thats great!

haha looked funny:D:D:D

lol, sick. Time to bust it up on a 19":wink:

Only flatland is impressive on 12’'s :stuck_out_tongue:

you should do a 900. I bet you could.

He could do a 900 on a 16".Chris is the man he might have even landed a 900 if he didnt hurt his wrist trying the last time

i think krisz and loic would also land it :roll_eyes:

Well Loic was trying in competition… He got really close… He probably has landed it before (on flat).

Nice job btw, try it on a 16" now.

Dude… that was awesome… Try kicking in an extra 180 :wink:

Hey thanks for the comments everyone!!

It’ll be coming on a 19-inch hopefully soon!! :smiley:

I take it that a 900 unispin is easier to do on a 12 inch?

why yes, yes it is.

I wish I had a 12 or 16 inch to mess around on :p!

yeah they are wayyy fun! haha you can throw whatever you want! I’m way close to a 1080!

So I’m thinking 6" with powerdrill attachment…

I think I would prefer a 16 inch, for flip tricks. An outsejdoubleflip is probably possible on that :stuck_out_tongue: