900 unispin by Forrest Rackard

Thanks to anna for burning the cd and stuff.

I had a great time at NAUCC and I hope you guys like this clip:)
Please let me know what you think. I love feedback!

Y’all should have been there. The roar was much more ferocious in real life!

Very Clean!

wow this 900 was really clean :astonished:


wow… clean!!! :astonished:

that is the nicest 900 unispin i have ever seen you have so nice spins :smiley:

Oh yeah, it was amazing. niceeeeee

wow, indeed very very clean!!

Thanks everyone! Haha I guess I got pretty lucky with the cleanliness of it. It felt so good to finally land it!

Oh Zack and Pele, yall rock:)

seems like there was a very nice atmosphare at this convention. love this clip. and as the others said your spin was very clean.


:astonished: :astonished: i wish id seen that!!!

pff not clean at all ;):smiley:

Goooed one!

At first i thaught you rode sketchy, but now your one of my favourites, nice 900. :slight_smile:

I was there and I got scared by his victory screech :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, it put “This is Sparta!!!” to shame!

AHH SO awesome. It was epic great job forrest!


That was pretty dang awesome Forrest! If only i could get my three spins that smooth.:frowning:

and soooo clean.

we gotta ride again soon.:slight_smile: