90 degree turn ?

Two of the IUF skills in level 2 are:

make a 90 degree turn to the left inside a 1 meter circle
make a 90 degree turn to the right inside a 1 meter circle

I might not be seeing the obvious here… but isn’t a 90 degree turn a 90 degree turn? What does it mean to be done inside a 1 meter circle?

It means that you have to do the 90 degree turn with a radius smaller than half a meter.

Thanks for your reply. But what I don’t get is what difference does it make if the turn is in a small circle?

it is supposed to show control i believe.

It means you have to be riding north say when you enter the circle, and end up riding east or west when you leave the circle.

It’s because if you do a leaning turn, you don’t turn instantly, you turn in a smooth curve. The circle specifies how big a curve it can be. So you have to turn quite tightly, rather than turn over a massive long distance, which is much easier.

If you do an action-reaction turn (a twist your body turn), then you can turn 90 degrees on the spot, but typically that’s not how people learn to turn, or a nice way to turn a unicycle generally.


I’m guessing that you don’t have the same control for a sharp turn if you need a radius of say 5 meter to turn. This shows that you have a “reaction” turn rather than some extended leaning turn.

Aha… ok… I got it now… thanks.

I mean I understand it now.
I’ll have to check to see tomorrow if I “got it” :wink: