9-stair jump...on a 29er!

I was feeling sad but watching your vid just made me smile. Congratulations on that jump. You are a superstar. :slight_smile:

dang! you’re an animal!!!

You had a helmet on the 9-set. I saw it, it had long tassels on it.

Awesome video, Terry! Gongrats on your new sponsor! :smiley:

Thanks Johnny. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I like your username, as it really typifies my outlook! :slight_smile:

Haha, thanks Eric.

Yeah, that’s the new line of “soft gel” helmets! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Ben. Yeah I really feel fortunate about that! But it’s not the “factory team” sponsorship, since I am nowhere near that level of riding skill, and also much too old for that, haha. :o

I don’t know if this is possible-or very smart, lol-but I’m thinking about trying this same stair set on my…36er! Should I go for it, or is this just too big and heavy a uni to both clear the set, and also withstand the impact? :thinking:

Terry … your energy and drive always make me grin … and want to ride more!!!

Thanks Sean, and it’s great to see you’re back! I trust you’re all healed up and ready to ride again…if not already back in the [MUni] saddle!

Btw, I was out just yesterday contemplating whether or not to try that same Stair jump…on my 36er! I got as far as three from the top, and decided that was enough…for the day, lol! I’m just wondering if the 36er could withstand that big of a drop, and the impact from it. Even from where I jumped, the impact was FAR more intense than when I jumped the full set on my 29er!

Part of the reason could be that I probably had too much psi in the tire! Also the fact that it’s so freaking huge and heavy–compared to the 29er–that it might also result in serious injury if I fail to clear it, or land it properly!

Anybody think I should I go for it? :astonished: :thinking: :o


It’s up to you but I would not. Just try 10 or so on your 19"!

Well, I have to do it now! :stuck_out_tongue: I think it would be cool to have done the same set with all 4 main unis; 19, 24, 29er & 36er! But when I was up there on the 36er, the difference between that 3rd stair from the top, and the very top, felt like a hundred feet! :astonished: :smiley: