9-stair jump...on a 29er!

I must be crazy! (Or 54 going on 15!) I’ve only done this 9-stair jump once, on my 19" trials–and that was scary enough–but today I tried the same jump on my new 29er! (Ok Tucson Uni, here’s a callout for ye! Or anybody 40+ :D) But remember to wear your helmet…I didn’t! :astonished:

Also steppin’ it up with some aggressive, all-rock technical 29er MUni from my 2nd ride last weekend. And few 9-set misses at the end, plus, Morty chimes in! Enjoy, and drop a comment. :slight_smile:

You must be crazy… The nine stiar looked insane… Other than that the 29er is awesome. All the rocky stuff looks so much more fun on that thing than the 24… Love the tie-dye and by the way.

sick video Terryyyy!ª!!! but…


Congrats on the new sponsor!

Nice stuff Terry.

I always enjoy seeing Morty in your video’s. Maybe he should learn to ride.

Awesome Video Terry! You really make me want a 29er now!

And congrats for the 9 set, I still haven’t done it on my 19" trials uni:p

nice shirt

I’m in no hurry to do any big drops so soon after crunching my ankle (good excuse anyway:)) You own me on the drops for sure, I think I would have a fair chance of keeping up with you on the trails;)

Be careful or you’re gonna end up in a wheelchair.
You’ll probably only be able to do 4 or 5 stairs in that.

Funny MuniOrBust, I was just coming back to say "Hey Terry, if we get into a callout escalation, we’ll be 2 old guys trying to outdo each other riding down stairs in wheelchairs! :astonished: " Ha ha ha :smiley:

Nice one, congrats on the new sponser! That stair gap was awsome, I’d say thats a 8 set though with the ramp thats impressive :slight_smile: Looks like the 29er rolls much better over that rocky terrain.

That ramp makes it an 8. Nice nevertheless.

Thanks yeah I think that was my lucky shirt!

Thanks, and it’s not like to to be helmet-less while riding haha!

Thanks I’m very happy with that!

He can sure jump farther than me, that’s for sure!

***I will reply to the rest of the comments after I get back from my tuning gig which I’m late for…bbl! :D:o

I think we’ve reached a new era of the muniaddict. You look good on a 29er and I like the natural trials lines with it. Do you feel deprived of a 29" Large Marge or do you like the lighter feel?

And best Morty footage ever! Ford really lost out on that one.

Thanks Jaco. I’m loving the 29er! I also ordered a 29x2.5 wtb “dissent”. It’s heavier, but also much stronger sidewall, and a wire bead. The stout is a “folding bead” tire and the sidewall is single ply. I 'm surprised I didn’t pop it on the drop, haha!

A throwback to my summer of love days! :sunglasses:

I still plan on riding south mtn soon!

Haha, that almost sounds fun!

Hey now hold on there youngster! I still have 8 years on ye! I wish I was still only 46, lol! :smiley:

Yeah it rolls over stuff great! I used that little ramp for a few reasons. the grass was wet, slippery and kinda worn down from previous jumps. I also wanted a bit of a down slope for rolling out. I did clear all 9 stairs, but technically yeah, I see your point. :o

Thanks Danni. I think I could have done it without the ramp, since I did clear all the stairs, but the grass landing area sucked haha.

Thanks I really appreciate your kind words, and everyone else’s too! :slight_smile:


With the utmost respect, I hope that I’m still riding that hard when I’m your age. I thought, if I’m still riding at 35, I’ll be happy, you go way beyond expectations.

Massive well done!


I think if you didn’t have the ramp you could have still landed it, but you wouldn’t have cleared the last stair. An 8 set is still nice though :stuck_out_tongue:
The 29" looks pretty fun.

Screen shot 2010-05-21 at 8.01.16 PM.png

I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the dissent. The Stout seemed heavy at first after switching from the Nevegal, but now I don’t notice. A little extra cushion on the drops would be nice.

I rode south mtn at this year’s Phoenix MuniFest. Lots of great technical riding, it was a blast. I rode my 24 for that. It would be interesting to see what I could do on the 29er. It’s gonna be way to hot there until October at this point.

Wow, thanks Jason! :smiley:

Heck yeah, I’m more than happy with 8! I’m still surprised that I actually even tried it at all, especially with the 29er! It looks like I cleared all 9, on my failed landing at about 1:48, so I’m pretty sure I could do it without the ramp. I might just go try it again, risking my life for the sake of our sport, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the stout, which comes standard on the kh 29er, is a fairly lightweight tire for its size, at 1150 grams. The dissent weighs in at 1540 grams; less than 1 pound heavier than the stout, is wider, and also has a firmer sidewall and twice the sidewall plys.

It is purportedly a much better tire for more extreme MUni, and for drops and gaps, and it won’t be as prone to fold as the stout does. I should have it by mid next week, and I’ll try it out and post a report.

Yeah I would definitely wait until the cooler months. But it’s on my “to-ride MUni list”! :smiley:

Congratulations on the new sponsor, well done… you do deserve it due the ambassador of unicycling that you are.

Simply amazing that you hit the 9 stair on your 29’er… I’m uber impressed :slight_smile: Keep it up … or maybe not :wink: … you keep putting the rest of us to shame lol :smiley: