9 New Unicycling Videos!

Hey Everyone,

The past year I’ve filmmed all sorts of riding, always thinking in that back of my mind that I was going to make a nice, fat, unicycling dvd. After filmming stuff, I usually get excited and want to edit something quick, so I can see the footage to music. Unfortunately, when I do this, the video and music sort of gets engraved together in my head. Consequently, it would be too wierd for me to re-edit some of the footage. I mean, I could if I really wanted too… but I just relate the footage to the video that I already made. Inevitably, the handful of videos would just sit on my computer. So I came to the conclusion I might as well share them with anyone who cares to watch. Plus, it’s a good opportunity for me to give a little attention to my personal website, unicyclejester.com.

The videos don’t have titles or credits, and are a little sloppy. It doesn’t really bother me though, cause they are still fun to watch. They are encoded in different formats: wmv, mpg, and divx. Hopefully they aren’t too horrible quality. I really need to consult John Childs and figure out a better system for exporting stuff.

I still want to make a unicycling DVD, although I have to go into it knowing that I’m filmming solely for that. Then, I can make sure I use music I have rights to, and edit the film according to my idea of a full featured movie.

So here you go:


(there are some videos in between the new ones that you may have seen… I have it in chronological order)

Here are the new ones:

-Northstar Nincumpoops
-Ralph’s Grind Bail
-Fell in Love with a Girl
-Input 2
-Zack’s a Whale
-Limp Trials
-Clayton Shtuff
-BC Action/ Street n Trials
-Jess Injury Explanation (this one isn’t mine, it’s John Foss’s)

Also, under “Jess’s Videos” there are some random movies I made years ago. I added them a few months ago. They aren’t unicycling related.




Cool videos, Jess. It makes me want to go out and hurt myself. I think I will.

Oh yes. I especially liked Northstar Nincompoops.
that was great. “Where you comin’ from?” “unintelligable babble” “Crazy! that’s awesome!”

i like northstar. a lot. and that elevated track at ~1:50 is the same one Catboy totally biffed on at mini muni weekend.

jess man i love all your vids. ive watched one of these new ones so far and will watch them all definitley. theyre really awesome and show most of us up. ha. anyway good job man im sure everyone will enjoy em.

wow jess you got me lost there… you can glide but your having a hard time to 360 unispin !? or its not jess who trys to unispin ?

Wow! Those are great. I think my favourite bit must have been the rail pedal grab to gap at the start of “Feb_20”…the shadows in that shot were really nice too. Great slow rail riding also. And it was nice ot see you filming in 16:9 for some of them. :slight_smile: I strongly encourage you to make the commitment to filming everything in widescreen. The other thing that i played over and over again was the BC wheeling at the start of “Jan_21-22”. That corner and gap line was incredible!


i like it when the downhill b*kers walk down the STD trail… and than it shows you go down them … pretty nice:D

that’s one hell of a hard trail, mind you.
most everyone at mini muni weekend walked that trail. including me.

BC Action/ Street n Trials goes to a dead link.

Uhh, it’s difficult, but it’s strange for a DH biker to walk it, since the trail forks right before it and there’s an easy way around it. A bunch of unicyclists have cleaned that section over the last couple years. While it’s difficult, on the scale of things it’s nothing impossible.

Maxisback: Do you even read posts? These are old videos. Jess can do them, last I checked. Furthermore, gliding and 360 unispins are COMPLETELY different. Why should gliding mean you should be able to unispin? I can glide proficently but I can’t even 180 unispin.

Thanks for the videos Jess, they’re awesome. I’ll buy any DVD you do decide to make.

Jess, the Northstar footage is fantastic, but the best video BY FAR is the giraffe at halftime. Way to make a difference in the world, and unicycle while doing it.

Nice work,


And in reward for that fine footage from Venice Beach–and equally fine soundtrack–here’s your prize.

A little present from Mystic Earl. :slight_smile:

That’s a very common phemomenon (bop booooo badoobop). I can glide, standup wheelwalk, and am starting to coast yet I cannot even start to unispin at all.

awsome videos man but “Zacks a Whale” doesnt work it just gos to a soundtrack with no video

nice vids i really liked Northstar Nincompoops great riding keep it up :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot Jess! I’m not going to watch them all now though, I’ll save some of them for later…:slight_smile:

I really like watching online vids, and yours are some of the best. Thanks for sharing!

They ARE completly different you know… I have been able to glide for a long time, and I’m just starting to be able to 360 unispin myself. They are in no way related if thats what you tried to imply…

Thanks John, I fixed it.

I think you need the divx codec: http://www.divx.com/divx

Glad you guys are enjoying them! If anything, it’s always great to watch videos people make to pump one up for riding. I know sometimes I’ll pick a previously downloaded uni movie at random from my archive I’ve acquired over the last couple of years and play it. Then I almost HAVE to ride.



They are really cool jess, it may just be my computer but when i tried to watch input 2 it only played a second and stopped.

those old back good memories!!