9 and 10 stair competition

so we all know how these competitions work by now, and i don’t have to explain what you have to do because it’s in the title.

this thread is obviously exlusive of myself, i’m looking to push a little old school out of some new guys, i don’t see anything bigger than 6 sets anymore…

i know i’m pushing the envelope for a lot of riders, i’ll let 9 and 11 sets count because i know that not everyone has a “10 set” sitting in thier backyard.

rules: contest can be won by a person who has rolling hopped a stairset, but is doing the stairset by sidehopping (good luck, its scary on monster stairsets)

otherwise, stairs must be cleared all at once, clipping of the last stair is allowed so long as the rider stays on the unicycle, also, the jump must be ridden out on film, no short cutting the shot to disguise bails.

helmets are not required, but VERY STRONGLY suggested.


edit: stairs must be somewhat average sized.

I’m in, i can dig it lol. I’ll try it i guess…

just remember to work up to it, i do not suggest going from a 6 set to a 10 set.
and btw, it takes a 5-6 foot rolling hop to get you over a 10 set.

one more thing, first place has until july 15 to be claimed. i’ll make 2nd and 3rd place trophies as needed.

haha im in. haha

im stuck at 8 but ill go fo 10. HAHA

watch me bust my ass.

lol I’m in. But the chances of me finding a 10 set are less than the chances of me jumping it.

How many stairs will a 1.4m (4 and a half foot) rolling hop get me down? I do them riding pretty fast which will help to clear stairs. I need to go stair hunting sometime. I can clear 5 sets by a metre.

Tricks down them count right?


i said that if you have landed one before, you must sidehop down it to win… and of course you can’t win if you’ve done that before.

Didn’t Kelly crankflip a 9 set?:stuck_out_tongue:

Whos says ive landed the set or set number before. Ive never sessed this set.


Side hop with a 90 to front so you can roll out is what you mean I’m sure.

maybe, sometime this summer…

how about giving some dimensions of a 10 stair so that if someone feels that their 8 set has pretty big steps they can see how it matches up against your 10 stair. I’ll probably be able to find one though.

Can I be in for 11 and higher ? I already did 10 rolling and I really don’t feel for side hopping it ! :roll_eyes: I’ve got an 11 and 13 I could do.


Yeah, go for 13! That’d be saweeet.

I’ve only ever tried a 10 once. Cleared it first try without any effort really. I only did it because there were some arrogent skaters there thinking they’re badass for “attempting” the set. Lol.

I’d be keen for a 11, 12 or 13 though. Not that I have any sets around my town that are bigger then 7’s… but whatever :smiley:

Any chance to spot me a a few stairs off for my age lol? I’ve rolling hopped and cleared a good sized 8 set, and just today I side hopped a full, tall 6 stair cleanly. I know that’s 4 short of a 10 set, but I’m an old fart haha! Maybe I’ll go out tomorrow and try to side hop that 8 set I did. :smiley:

I found a much longer than normal 7 set, and after measuring it from the top stair to the bottom, it turned out to be a little longer than the average 8 sets I’ve seen.

The 7 set had each stair about 1.5" lower than what I normally find, and also they were a solid 1.5" longer than normal as well, so It was like a very low 8 set. Harder for me because I’m lower to the ground to start with, and therefore have to catch air longer, and project out further than usual to clear them all.

im in for nine…b/c thats the biggest i can find…i wimped out last time, but i think i can get it if i have encouragement.

ok then if you want we can have a 14 set comp too.

8 sets do not count(i have cleared 4 steps that were bigger than a 12 set). if you have not roll hopped a 9 i would not suggest sidehopping one, but if you have the gusto, go for it.

i like those better because they are more of a challenge, and don’t have such an impact when you hit the bottom.