9/16 or 1/2 Twisted PC Pedals ?

Hello Everyone,

I bought Twisted PC Pedals from UDC maybe a year ago. I like them and want to put Twisted PCs on the 24" Torker, but UDC does not seem to carry those pedals any longer.

Amazon.com has quite a few, but I’m confused now…

There are two different types available: 9/16 or 1/2.
Does anyone know which one will fit a Torker LX 24"?

What are those numbers measuring? Width? Length? Wrench size?

I don’t have any of the original paperwork,
or I would try to find out which one I bought a year ago.

Thanks for your help!

It is the wrench size used on the axle nut. Easy to find out, just go see which on fits on your axle(assuming it has a nut, my sealed Tiogas don’t).
Most 3 piece cranks(bolted seperate crank arms) are 9/16. Most single piece cranks(the arms are one long piece of bent metal in a half H shape) are the 1/2 size.


the 9/16 or 1/2 is the diameter of the pedal axle.

Usually, the most common diameter is 9/16 inches and will fit in KH/Qu-ax/Sinz/you-name-it cranks.

The 1/2 inches diameter is found in child bikes and in some BMX (but not each and every time).

I hope it helps :wink:

It is definitely NOT the wrench size. It is the diameter of the threads on the pedal spindle, or pedal axle, as Siddhartha Valmont points out. The Torker LX is fairly modern. It came out well after the 1/2" pedal size was being phased out. Your Torker LX certainly has 9/16" pedal spindle threads.

Thanks Nakedbabytoes, Siddhartha Valmont, and harper !

That’s exactly the answer I was looking for!
9/16 it is!

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