80 or so unsuccessful 360 unispins...

I made a video of myself trying to land a 360 Unispin. Sad to say, but I was unsuccessful this first day. I’ll resume shooting tomorrow…or the day after if my knee still hurts tomorrow. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Haha what the hell, look at the guy in the background at 3:02!

You’re just making the usual mistakes of not committing enough, pushing the uni away from you, not jumping high enough and not getting your feet back in. The last couple of attempts were a lot better but maybe you should aim to land it seat in?

Haha…that is strange. What is he doing?

Thanks for the pointers. I can see what I’m doing wrong. I think my biggest problem, like you said, is just bringing my feet back in. I think it’s mostly a mental thing.

But i’m going to try again tomorrow if my knees don’t hurt too badly.

I think it would have been more enjoyable to show a couple of your best attempts and best UPD’s

Ditto above.

Also I think it would be good to learn 180’s so you can do many back to back (say 10+) and try to eliminate in-between prehops.

I think he’s doing the “suck it” sign, it’s from WCW wrestling or something.

ahahaha, that was hilarious.

What’s in your pocket that is so important that you have to touch it after every attempt?

Haha I had an itch…

jk…its the remote to the camera.

ohhh ic, that’s what I thought

btw, im close to getting them to, I think I may be able to do it tonight

Yeah i was wondering what that was. I thought you were checking the time or something. But then I realized that thats what I would have in my pocket if thats what I was doing.

Haha yea.

I practiced for another half hour today with no success. I didn’t feel like making another long video, so here’s the closest of Day 2

Yeah you have it just land it. Seriously just think about putting your foot in a little more and youll get it.

I came soooo close to landing my first 360 unispin today! I got the spin and my feet got out of the way and high enough but i landed on the ground just missing the pedals! :o

Thats my problem. It’s hard enough watching all these 13, 14, and 15 yr olds beat me too it. If you beat me to it, I might cry lol. No offense meant by that of course. You’re my idol Terry.

Haha, nah I’m just doing it for fun, not to try to compete with anybody, (which I can’t anyway!:p) I had just landed a 180 unispin, so i tried a 360. I’ll try again tomorrow if I have time.

I’m also trying to do a leg wrap, and I succeeded in doing that thing where you grab the tire and rotate your whole body 180 to the other side, while keeping the uni stationary. I got it from a ground mount, not from already on the uni. Still looks cool though!

I failed to hop up to 5 pallets today after maybe 30 tries! I got 4, and that seems to be my limit so far.

Cool. I’m also trying to get the leg wrap. I haven’t tried the body varial thing you’re talking about yet…it looks hard.

I haven’t experimented with pallets at all yet. But just the other day I found this hidden field (that is actually called “hidden fields”) that is at the end of this gated off path. Anyway, the field is full of construction supplies…LOTS of pallets. I’m going to head over their tomorrow probably. I’ll get back to you on how many pallets I can do.


i cant even do that but the guy on 3.02 haha