8" wheel Unicycle

$25 plus shipping.

What size is the seat post? Is it possible to fit my sun classic seatpost into it? I know this is a year old post, but I’m interested in buying if I can get a saddle onto it.

It will receive any 4 bolt saddle. For a few more bucks i probably have a saddle. Shipping probably won’t be cheap.

Ah, okay. By any four bolt saddle, I’d assume you mean the pre-2016 Nimbus saddles or sun saddles, correct? Also, considering how short the seat post actually is, is it possible to replace it with any modern 25.4mm seat post such as the ones made by Nimbus, Kris Holm, etc.?

Well…I just went to measure the seat post and for the life of me I can’t find the unicycle. If it turns up I’ll let you know. I’m not sure what could have become of it. All my others are there.

If you end up finding it, I would also be interested should Oridemic change their mind.

I lost one of my 12" unicycles for a while so I can understand how this happens.

It turned up in a plastic carrier bag in a corner of the basement.