7ft gap

7ft gap

Veeery nice !!! A bit off topic but when are the koxx uni’s coming into Aus ? Can people from NZ buy them ?

thank you :slight_smile: They should be here at the end of this month!!
Yes you guys/gals will be able to buy them, shipping might cost a bit,
but not as much compared to shipping from europe.

Sweet, cant wait !!

I feel small…
Wow, that is strong man. The tire as a target seems ideal. Is it a common prop for training?

I havnt seen many people use it,
only in trial parks
Its good for training gaps though, less chance of pinching your tube,

that is quite large, nice work man.

O dear. A bit of a gap you have there.

That was awesome! keep on jumping :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :slight_smile:


btw your bunny doesnt look like a bunny :stuck_out_tongue: ?