720unispin Competition

Ive perfected 540unispins and feel its time to go the next step better.
Whos keen for a 720unispin comp?
First one to land it and upload it wins :smiley:
When theres a few people it starts. :sunglasses:

I’ll join, don’t know if i’ll land it any time soon though.


I’m in :smiley:


me too

IN! xD

I did spin 720s fairly easy a few weeks ago, but now I have my “Trials tire pressure” And I’m not changing it so I can’t spin them anymore! And I still haven’t done the 540, I can be in, but I sure wont land it so it’s not really worth it.

you already land it :astonished: that´s unfair :sunglasses:

Starts now?!
Jaco… not really fair so u have to get 2 consecutive ok!



Ive decided its time for me to try xD

Did I mention I landed these a while back now? yeaah… this comp never really took off :stuck_out_tongue: Ahwell, Good luck to the people still trying for them! :smiley:

I’ve also landed it some time ago… I also landed a 720 0,5 flip :stuck_out_tongue: It was supposed to be a regular 720, but the wheel wasn’t really agreeing with that :roll_eyes: