720 Unispin Competition

Who’s up for that?

The rules are:

-You can’t have landed it before;
-It must be on Flat Ground;
-Can be landed rolling or static;
-Can be landed to SI or SIF, doesn’t matter…

I think that’s it… Can someone make a Signature Tag?

I’m in for that… Wait people get in to start the game :smiley:

hey pedro
I’m in.
I only have the problem that I don’t have shoes to unicycle at the moment :angry:
… and I don’t want to immolate my good shoes.

I can’t 540 yet, but I am in.

I’m in.
I’m pretty consistent at 5spins but I’ve never attempted a 720 unispin so I don’t know how close I am to them.

Edit: Another rule:
No uni smaller than a 20"/ 19" trials

I’ve always wondered that. When some says 5 spin, do they mean 540 unispin. 3spin 360 unispin. etc?


Yes. 1 spin= 180 unispin, 3 spin = 360 unispin, ect

Exactly!.. And 7spin is a 720 and 9spin a 900!

Zack, thanks for that rule! it’s really important…

Anyone can make a signature tag?






Even though I just landed 3spins, I guess I’m in. Why not.

The first one is cool :smiley: I liked it!

Now just work on 7spins :smiley:

I’d say almost anyone who can 5spin consistently should be able to 7spin if they really tried.

Good luck to you all.

I can 5 spin more than 50% of the time but nowhere near 720s. I’m in though.

hahaha im in i guess

I’m in. I have an infected wisdom tooth problem, so I may not be able to ride hard enough to land a 7spin for a week or so. So good luck with the one week handycap everyone :p. haha.

I am in.

I am in! have been really near one time, so i hope to get it soon :slight_smile:

I think im kinda in lol, I have tried a couple times with bad results…I dont even know if im close, but hell il try :smiley:

im down for trying some 7 spins.

I think I can get them tomorrow :smiley:

I havn even had a chance to try yet, prolly wont be able to until Monday or Tuesday…

This doesn’t happen to me because I have my legs apart as if they were landing on the pedals. But I tried a 450, and it definitely does hurt to land like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried a few, I could get the spin, and catch the seat, but my feet were already on the ground by the time the uni had finished it’s spin.