700c unicycle

I am selling a couple unicycles that my youngster and I don’t ride. This one is a 700c

Crappie seat

Cheap metal pedals

Maxxis tire setup tubeless (split tube )

Long 150 ish cranks. Nothing to fancy. I bought it planning on cutting it down to a 26" inseam, to look like a big wheel with a 9 year old on it. But… she is on my old Triton 24" now and I think she is hooked on MUNI now. Any one interested? What’s it worth?

2017-03-04 16.09.29.jpg

2017-03-04 16.09.01.jpg

2017-03-04 16.09.57.jpg

2017-03-04 16.10.19.jpg

700c /29er

$100 plus shipping , anyone?

700c and 24

I have 2 unicycles available. The 700c already listed and a short 24 that my 9 year old used to ride before she got my old Triton 24". It’s set up for shorter riders. She is averag hight for a 9 year old girl and the seat could still go down a bit more. Any interest?

2017-03-29 20.32.39.jpg