700c rims

What 700c rims are folks happy with? I’m building up a street oriented 28" wheelset for the Schwalbe ‘big apple’ (Thanks to whoever posted that link) I just ordered from the LBS. Widest/strongest are what I’m after. Weight is not important to me. Recommendations for spokes/lacing would also be appreciated.


Cheers, Greg

I have this 24mm wide Alex Adventurer rim on my 29er. It’s laced 3 cross with 14mm DT spokes. Nothing fancy but seems to do the job.

Steve Howard

alex rim.jpg

We have a Sun Rhynolite, which works pretty well. pretty strong, decently wide. link: http://www.sun-ringle.com/ShowRoom/ROAD/Rims/rhynoroad.html Should be availible/ordareable from about any LBS.

That Rhyno Lite looks good for a 700c rim. It’s 22mm wide (inside width) which is one of the widest 700c rims I’ve seen. When I get around to getting a 29er it looks like the Rhyno Lite will be the rim for me, unless I can find something better.

The Alex rim is only 17.8mm wide (inside width) but 24.2mm wide on the outside. Not quite as wide as the Rhyno Lite.

Rim widths are strange. Sometimes they quote the inside width and sometimes they quote the outside width. Nobody (not even the manufacturers) is consistent in which number they quote for the width of a rim.

i cant remember how wide exacly it was (maybe muddycycle could measure it) but i went with a Mavic rim with 48 holes mated with the 48 hole Suzie hub.

i went with 48 because of strength and enersia.it was still way lighter than a Cokey but with 48 spokes,you get extra strength and more of that “riding itself enersia” feeling.

heres a pic i also had 102mm cranks on it :astonished:

Looks like 22mm, still running true and strong, a great wheel.

I don’t know how you measure these things exactly (inside or outside of the rim?) but my Sun 28" unicycle came with a cheapy steel rim that is roughly 30mm wide. I want to replace the rim since it is bent. Anybody have any suggestions where I can find a new rim of that width?

Thanks to those who responded. The LBS can’t find anything 48 hole in any kind of width. The Sun Rynolite is not available in 48 hole apparently and the Mavic catalog doesn’t list a 48 hole rim either. Jagur can you recall the model of Mavic rim you used? Thanks again.


I’ve got a mavic t261 which is 26 mm outer width and has 48 holes.

pdf info here

it seems to do the job although I’d like a bit wider really, but there doesn’t seem to be anything much wider out there.


it was a Mavic Module-4 i think.i dont think they make that rim any more but my shop had a few lingering around in the back room.

it appears that most of the tandem crowd is going to 40 spoked wheels now days which makes it hard to find a good 48 hole rim.

i also have 48 holed Mavic T-217 rims on my town bike,i bought them 2 years ago and they dont even make those anymore either only in 40 hole.

looks like you may have to go with 36 holes unless you can find a old stock 48 hole rim.

gmoore - I found this 48 hole rim

Velocity Dyad
700 - Silver - 24mm wide and 22mm deep - 32-36-40 or 48 hole - 480 gms. - Great for tandems
Price: $49.95