7-year-old muni

Here is a video I shot of my son this weekend. I know it is dull by most standards but I am a shamelessly proud papa, what can I say? Perhaps it will inspire others to start their kids young. A KH20 is a lot cheaper than a nice mountain bike and he will only grow into it in the next 10 years or so. Can you tell he’s having fun?

Wow, I for one think Quinn is amazing for 7 years old on Muni. You have every right to be a proud Daddy. It was a fun video to watch to see him, and he absolutely seemed to be enjoying his ride. Thanks for sharing. Go Quinn! :D:D:D

Way to go Quinn! :smiley: He’s a natural! How long has he been riding?

Wow! I gotta say being a beginner MUni(er) and seeing this… well yeah lol I almost got pwnd by a 7 year old. :stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up Quin, your awesome! And Dad, your awesome as well for inspiring your son.

that’s awesome. He makes the unicycle look like a 24" and the trail and landscape huge!

Damn that’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 7 year old ride before, let alone off road. I wish my brother would try unicycling (he’s 7) but he’s totally reluctant lol.

Thanks for the nice comments. Quinn has been riding about a year.

wow thats awesome. well done to quinn!

Terry, now thats extreme XD

Whoooo Buddy … that kid is a MUni-Monster.


That’s awesome!
definately inspiring for any rider and not dull in the least bit!

HAHA nice :smiley:

that was awesome, good job :astonished: !

Awesome job Quinn! How about riding that trail again with Elsa next weekend?