7 Foot Performer Giraffe for sale

For sale is a beautiful 7’ chrome giraffe unicycle. It is owned and was used by Kit Summers (http://youtu.be/cEe4sTK00ug) but is now temporarily in my possession. Kit is asking $500 for the unicycle and this does not include shipping & handling. If you would like to pick it up after purchase, you will have to come to Washington DC/Northern VA. If you have questions or are interested in purchasing this unicycle, please contact myself and/or Kit Summers (the seller). I will be adding a video of us riding the unicycle sometime this week and post it in this thread. Please pass this on if you know someone interested in purchasing a 7’ giraffe!

www.KitSummers.com - Kit’s website / contact info
www.JosephNeigh.com - My website / contact info

Photos - click the title to access (sorry…this forum automatically made these image url links appear this way!




My “mini-wheel giraffe” (not for sale)


Psychedelic unicycling

Here is FIRST PERSON POV footage of me riding various unicycles, including the 7-foot uni for sale: