6ft DM giraffe unicycle - great condition

I am selling my 6ft giraffe unicycle.

Made by David Mariner Engineering, (DM Unicycles) which are the Rolls Royce of unicycles.

Superbly engineered and made, robust, strong and durable. Has two chains to prevent twisting torque and tensioners on the bottom. DM unicycles are hard to come by these days, especially in this condition.

The unicycle itself is in great condition, some very light rust specks, but nothing a chrome leaner won’t buff out. Tyre is in good condition, no perishing/cracking, and the seat is in great condition too. Hopefully the photos will give you a good idea of it’s condition.

I am selling it as I have too many unicycles and 6ft is a bit too high for me to dismount from these days with my aging knees!

Collection only, unless you want to sort out and pay for a courier.

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Hello there,

(I replied to your ad a couple of days ago but maybe I didn’t do it correctly and you never got it? Here’s what I wrote…)

I used to own a DM 6ft giraffe from 1988-1999 and have been thinking of getting another after over 20 years of retirement. (I fell onto concrete during an outdoor show and lost 85% of the cartilage in both knees, but hopefully a near-future operation will allow me to ride again)

My giraffe was in excellent condition and I never thought I would see one come up for sale in similar condition until I saw yours tonight! I merely googled “DM unicycle” on a whim, saw your ad, and immediately joined this site to reply! What sort of price are you looking for? I am not 100% sure if I should try getting back into it or not, but if I do decide that it’s affordable and I go for it, I would have to get a courier as I live in Glasgow and have no transport to collect from Essex.

Many thanks,


Hi James,

Sorry for my slow reply, I’m away in Europe for work at the moment and don’t often get the chance to check my emails.

Sorry to hear about your accident years ago that stopped you from unicycling, I hope that
your operation helps a lot. What kind of act did you have?

The DM unicycle I am selling really is in fantastic condition compared to a lot the others I’ve seen, especially as they are now all getting older and older. I would really love to keep it myself, it’s such a rare a beautiful piece of kit, but sadly the rising cost of living and less frequency of work for me is forcing me to sell it.

After lookjng around online and seeing prices vary from £300-1000 I decided to list mine for £400, which I feel is a very reasonable price for its condition and rarity.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for getting in touch.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for MY delay this time, which was brought about by a chest infection and bad bout of asthma. I am still interested in the unicycle but money is also tight for me at the moment, and I wouldn’t be able to get the £400 together until Thursday 11th August at the earliest.

If it’s still available at that date, I will go ahead and buy it, although to be honest I was hoping your maximum price would be around £350. I will also have to look into arranging a courier, which I have never done before. I definitely won’t be using Hermes/Evri, as several big and expensive items I bought from eBay sellers who used them went astray over the years or arrived damaged.

You asked me what kind of act I had, so I have included a short video and a photo to give you an idea. I will be in touch again on 11th.



Hello again Martin,

I am still interested in your unicycle and would like to buy it for your asking price of £400. I still need to arrange a courier which may take a few days as I have no clue about the procedure whatsoever. If they charge depending on size and weight, etc, it would be useful if you could give me some details regarding the weight and boxed size when it’s packed up and ready to go.

Meanwhile, I can pay you via a bank transfer into your account if you are fine with this. I don’t have PayPal or a cheque account, but if you have any issues please let me know and we will work something out. I don’t know how to send private messages on this site! I want to email you directly or DM you here in private regarding payment and personal email addresses (DM about the DM!!)



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Hello again,

Since my last message almost three weeks ago, my situation has changed and I regret that I am now unable to buy your unicycle as originally planned.

A few days ago, a friend of mine managed to find me another DM 6ft giraffe in similar condition to yours but without the original pedals. He bought it for me on my behalf for £180 with me reimbursing him for it later.

I assume you are still in Europe and have been unable to read your emails to reply to my previous offer. Anyway, good luck with the sale as it really is a well-maintained example and I would have loved to have bought it if things had worked out differently.



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I’m trying to collect examples of DM’s and restore them to factory condition when needed.

I’m local to you and would be interested in yours.

From others I’ve bought I would be looking to pay the same sort of price as James found one for. I.e. £180.


Hey everyone ,at 58 years old;I’m also selling my DM Giraffe 6 feet and my ultimate wheel.Im in the South of France

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