68.58cm static sif

iive always ignored learning static hops, until recently when i decided they are probably the most important way to learn to hop. so today i was getting 58cm consistently and wanted to add small amounts…but i had no more lil pieces of wood to stack up. so i just started goin for 5 pallets, 68.58cm, and after 57 tries i got it…sort of. ill be back out there tomorrow recording. i was too tired today.

tomorrow i want to get up the 5 and stay up, not just immediately hop off. since i did that twice, ill count that as officially getting it once :p. but it’s a huge accomplishment for me, i just started learning static. and so far i really like it a lot. its teaching me to tuck.

i know you’re supposed to tuck much farther than that, but so far i can’t do it yet. those of you that are able to tuck very well, when you started was it really hard to tuck all the way to your rear end? i’ve been doing those squats every other day and they’re getting easier but i just cant tuck the way i squat.

Its hard when learning but sooner or later it will feel natural for you.

How do you measure exactly 68.58cm? (for me it would be either 68cm, 68,5cm oder 69cm)

i converted it from inches

its really all in your mind, isnt it?

well haven’t been practicing static too much today, but because of my static practice, my record sif hop seems to have increased. im gonna keep practicing static every day though.


yeahhhhhhhhhhh i know, but its still a record for me, ahahah. tomorrow im adding 1 more cm and i wont leave till i officially get up there

Awesome! I love seeing the struggle and the progress.
Thanks for sharing these.


The practice HAS paid off… your tuck is better now. You’re tucking more by bringing your legs up rather than bending your upper body forward. I bet, if you keep your upper body more upright, you’ll be able to stick the landing.

That being said, I am a newbie and can barely ride more than a couple hundred feet without a UPD… :smiley:

I spend a lot of time coaching people how to use their bodies to perform certain tasks.

Nice progress! I need to start practising my SIF more and get my skinnies better.

major progress

well my tuck looks like its coming together well now. i almost got 72 cm consistent now static.


yeah i completely abolished si hopping when i started going for sif. i dont even practice si anymore, to me it consumes too much energy. i can sif hop for a lot longer, and with much less practice i have raised my hop height higher than my si record. and its more consistent. the biggest advantage is i don’t rack myself anymore when messing up hopping up things. that would happen a lot si when i would mess up.

well really, its on wood so its prob more like 70 cm, but the pallet is awfully rickety, so im still considering it 72., haahah

Your si hop will improve without practice anyway.Just from better technique,timing etc you get from sif hops

i don’t know whats wrong with me today. i wanted to try for 76cm, but i couldnt even get the 72cm. too frustrated, i think im just gonna avoid unicycling today.


today i landed 76 cm static. got tucking down for the most part, now i just have to learn to tuck better with prehops.