666 (grams) - the custom kh trials devil seat

Just wanted to show my modified seat, I saw the new KH seats with the bolts the other way round and was really impressed and felt stupid i hadn;t thought of it earlier.

So since i wanted to adapt the right back part of my seat so i could grip it better, i went to the shop got a file and some bolts.

I’ve only done the front part so far just to see if it holds and how good i think it is, but i might do the back and middle before buc, i’ll have to see if i like it or not.

I thought i’d share some photos with you guys. Oh the 666 is cause thats the exact weight in grams… kinda funny, wasn’t meant in any way.

I also modified the back bumper, surprisingly easy to cut, inspiration came from joe’s seat at unicon which he had cut. It’s thinner and not as tall, took off a good half cm from the height and as much as possible from the sides without completely removing the screw holes.

Also the foam was cut down and some thin braided hosing was cut and slid on the side of the cf base to make it easier to grip.

If anyone has any advice to give on the screw holding or how to improve the seat generally feel free to give advice :wink:

The first photo is backwards!!

You can just about see the braided hose from the little hole in the blue fabric.

Here you can see how much of the carbon was filed down compared to the other side. I might do the other side too, just to gain a few grams…

all you got left to do after filing is drill holes in the bumper.