661 SX-1 Gloves '06

Not a product review yet, but I just ordered 2 pair from JensonUSA for $14 each, down from a list price of $37.


I’ll do a review when I receive them, or if anyone has a pair, I’d like to hear your opinions.


What’s the sizing like?

e.g.: what size did you get, and how big are your hands?

I ordered Large, and usually wear large gloves from Fox, Mechanix, etc.

I’ll do a comparison once I receive them next week.

I actually ordered some yesterday. I ordered extra large because I’m 6’6", and so, I figured, the bigger the better.

uhm those look quite nice, probs have to get some new ones, i worn mine down at the palms quite abit and now there isnt much protection lol

Well, the large are not large in my opinion. These gloves are cut really small, so I have to return them for XL, or just sell them if I can’t return them (or it cost too much to return).

My hand measures 4" at the widest spot (just below little finger to just above thumb) and measures 7 1/4" from wrist to top of longest finger.

The gloves look pretty well-made, with a lot of padding, and webbing on the backs of the hand and fingers for ventilation. The palms are padded, and the first 2 fingertips are coated with a plastic-like substance for easier “stiction” on items.

If I can’t return them, they will end up here for sale.

Can’t seem to edit my own post.

Anyway, Jenson is sending me an XL in place of the back-ordered pair, and gave me a RMA number to send back and replace this pair.

Got mine in today, extra larges. They fit great and feel great. I’m excited to try them out on my uni. I’m very pleased.


this may be a weird Q … but why would a unicyclist need gloves?

or, did you just buy them for other biking?

I use mine when i’m riding my coker and holding onto the handles. It makes me feel unstoppable at best. Well that’s just me i guess. :smiley: :smiley:

they protect your hands when/if you fall. And sometimes my hands get blisters when I am doing the little street stuff I can do so I wear them then.

to prevent blisters from the friction and such, and to keep your hands from getting hurt when you UPD and stuff.

Yeah, when i do SIF tircks, the screws on the bottom of my seat hurt.

That happens to me when i’m doing SIB also.

ahhh gotchas now :slight_smile:

(i know i’m going off-topic, but it’s semi related)

What are SIF, SIB and UPD ?

SIF = Seat In Front
SIB = Seat In Back
UPD = Un-Planned Dismount

How is the ventilation on these things/

My hands are gets sweaty and gross while wearing biking gloves, so recently I have been using those cheap meshy gloves you get for about a dollar. Usually little kids wear them during the winter lol. Those ones are working perfect though, but have next to no protection.

Hopefully these ones are well vented, cause I am interested.

I use 661 MTX gloves.
They’re pretty similar and well made.
My only gripe is that the rubbery bits on the two fingertips has started to peel off.



seat in front (SIF)
seat in back (SIB)

and idk what the other one was lol :slight_smile:

the ventalation is pretty good, however my finger grips have begun to peel off… otherwise they work great!