661 Shin + Kneepads

Are 611 Shin +Kneepads good for unicycling and if so which kind should I buy?

Edit: Changed request to show I wanted joined knee and shin pads.

Do you want just knee or knee/shin???

Whoops knee and shin.

I’ve got 661 4x4s. I think they’re pretty good. A lot of other unicyclists use them too. Roach Indys are also popular.

Get the 661 4x4’s
They’re cheap and they’ll do the trick

Ok thanks

I’ve just started useing 661s on coker rides. Mine start to rub the inside of my knees after about 6 miles at the mo. I’m going to try useing 3/4 length bike shorts, has any one else had success with this?


I wear lycra knee warmers under my 661/Roach/KH armour. The knee warmers eliminate any chafing issues. 3/4 length shorts or knicker style shorts would also do just as well as knee warmers as long as the shorts are long enough to cover below the knee.

I bought a pair of 661 4x4 knee/shin guards from www.jensonusa.com. They work great and are only $20 from jensonusa. Try this link to see them http://www.jensonusa.com/store/brand/?203

www.jensonusa.com has the smalls 4x4s for $20 here.

www.supergo.com has the small or large 4x4s for $25 here.

www.unicycle.com has small, medium or large for $40 here.

There was a thread exactly the same as this not long ago, just letting you know.

I use the 661 Veggie shins- slightly more lightweight and comfortable so ideal for MUNi and Cokering. If I was doing trials I would probably want something thicker though.

Well I am ordering them tonight. Thanks for your help.

Re: 661 Shin + Kneepads

Does anyone know where you can buy/order online the the SixSixOne 4X4 in
Canada? Thanks.


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> Well I am ordering them tonight. Thanks for your help.
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