661-ankle protection???

My ankles are being beaton the crud out of from these 661 shin gaurds, do they have ankle gaurds, I get hit by the nub once every hour or so im out, and it kills. This gaurds protect this area, but not at the knee, is there something that is supposed to protect your ankles?

Have you tried wearing high top shoes?


661 ankle biters.

…or 661 Race Brace

I’ve the same prob myself.

I used to wear Converse shoes but now wear Nike Low Dunks. They’re padded at the ankle area and are very similar to skate shoes. Maybe you should try getting a pair of skate shoes that are thicker at the ankle area. It’d help.

I had a pair of 661 veggie shin wraps, but those are just about ripped to shreds by my pedals. So, the other day, I ordered a pair of 661 4X4 leg guards, hopping that they would give me full protection from above the knee down to my ankles. today I recieved my 4X4’s in the mail, and I hate them. I feel like my knees can’t move as freely with them on. I’d like a pair of shin guards like the ones Dan Heaton wears in Defect, they don’t have any protection for the knees, but the extend from just below the knee, down to the ankle. I really don’t need any knee protection, just guards for my whole shin, kinda like extra long 661 veggie wraps. Maybe I’ll keep my 4X4’s and just cut off the knee part of it.

Use the ankle bitters, I used to have that same problem, I wore high top shoes for a while, but I didn’t like the mobility in them. Combine the ankle bitters with some veggie wraps or 4x4s and you are set!

I have the 4X4’s also. I whent by the sizing guide on UDC and they were so short they didn’t protect my knee well and often slid down so there was no protection. Also I wanted something that would protect the knee more, and the option to just run shin guards on hot days when the knees had little risk.

So I did as you are thinking and cut off the knee, then sowed it shut. Then I got some hard shell knee pads from a skate shop. Better overal, but hoter w/ knee and shins than before cutting.

i got some soccer shin guards from walmart and took off the ankle things, they were on with velcro and work super awesome…
ive heard some people hate the anklebiters but ive never used them so i dont know…

+1 The velcro attaches very neatly to the inside of the 4x4:s…