6 Obscure Sports To Try This Summer

I saw the title of this article while checking out the front page at www.digg.com and knew that mountain unicycling would be on it. The video they have is kind of neat but judging from the gear the riders are using it looks a bit dated. http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/15922

Sweet find, I enjoyed that video.

It does look a little old, But it’s still cool. Plus none of them are wearing shin pads or anything :astonished:

How about wife-carrying on a unicycle?

That would be funny:D :smiley:

I don’t have a wife, but it sounds hard! hahahahaahhahahaha

Hmmm… I’ll let you know after the wife gets home :smiley:

Wife Carrying!

Those were some bad riders riding without any guards!

That wife carrying is pretty cool, especialy when they jump into the water and the wifes head is forced under! Now if only the pool was longer it might be more effective. However I would make another more important modification. I would have the wife rotated to the front when carrying her! LOL!

The above was written for humor and does not convery the beliefs of the writter.