6 foot Unicycle

6 foot Unicycle, or called giraffe unicycle. I just put on Westchester, NY Craigslist. Only $89 needs your needs.

But I have never seen a giraffe on a unicycle. I have heard of a debate if a giraffe can swim? But that’s not the point. What is the point?

The point is I have this nice idem for sale. The 2 seats and post was not to this but the Schwinn with bolt holes could work well if you just drill a hole near the top for a very solid and adjustable. Or a steal shim/spacer in with it because it’s a little small to be squeezed tight with what it has. You might want to switch seats on the post.

I never learned this tall one and a MRI says be careful or I could be crippled. So I’ll stick to a normal unicycle and not go down stairs any more.

See photos. You might need a new tube? It’s old. Size 20" X 1.75".


For Photos go to: