6.4 muddy miles on a Monty/United!

Last night billnye (john) and I met up with some guys from northporttrails.org, needless to say we were unprepared for the ride we were going on. Both of us were dumb enough to not bring helmets, or camelbacks! We rode a total of 6.4 miles of good terrain with quite a bit of technical area on 20" United/Monty trial unicycles. Both of us fared pretty well, John did better than I. Not to blame it on equipment but not switching from my plastic Odysseys to my Snafus and a leaky tube made my ride more difficult than it should have been. The guys we rode with were cool as hell and I’m looking forward to doing this again, hopefully on a MUNI soon enough! Now it’s off to get a camel back, helmet, and a MUNI! One of the riders out there snagged some good pictures that I hope to get up for you guys to see soon enough!