5mm Allen/15mm spanner combo tool

It seems like this one combo, a 15mm wrench for pedals and a 5mm hex for everything else could pretty much handle anything mechanical on any of my unis; I’d love to find a small one I could always keep in my pocket…anybody know of anything like this out there, or will I have to make one? If I did, who else might want one?

An included spoke wrench would be a plus too.

I think you’re on to something. What about starting with a Park ss-15, and drilling a hole in the middle to mount a folding style 5mm hex? You could even put an 8mm hex on the other side for the crank bolts. No nipple grip, but there’s a bottle opener. Honestly though a dedicated nipple grip works much better than any of the ones I’ve seen on multi tools, and a rubber band does wonders for keeping it from rattling around.