5ft Nimbus Double Chain Giraffe

I think this will only make sense for pickup, not sure it’s worth the time and expense to break it down, ship it, reassemble it.

This is a 5ft, double chain, Nimbus giraffe, built like a tank, UDC safety sprockets (6 bolts each). It is an older model, not the 5-7ft convertible type.

I has served me very well for many years, but I haven’t been riding it as much in recent years, shifting my focus to other types of unicycling. It’s a lot of fun, especially when you can freemount it, but especially before you get great at freemounting it, because then you build up an anxious crowd wondering if you can do it or not. :wink: If you’re looking for attention, this is tall enough to get a lot of extra looks and smiles, people really don’t expect it.

Especially if you’re able to pick it up from Brooklyn, NY, please, make an offer.

This giraffe has been SOLD!