50 year Old Uni Agony & Ecstacy

Just got this Nimbus Street uni a couple weeks ago. Been riding a long time but mainly just ridin’. This site has inspired me to challenge myself and forget my age! Here ya’ go … Owwww.
Sean Shug

Welcome to the forums!

Nice video you’re learning fast, and it’s always good to see more over-50’s coming on the scene. :smiley:

He’s just like Terry, cool vid, interesting music, but hell old timers can’t keep up with the new age music.

You mean Yanni? Gotta play whats on the pod young 'un…:wink:

Thanks for the video! You are great!

Darn, another geezer showing me age is no excuse… but that’s a good thing!

Never stop!

Nice with the jumprope in there! Hope your ankle ain’t worse for wear!

nasty ankle twist… cringe

A tip for doing drops is to turn your body in the air so the unicycle ends up perpendicular to the object you are dropping from, this way you can roll out of the drop and it wont be so hard on you or your unicycle!

I am gonna work on that … Thanks for the tip.

Good job and ouch!!

'Preciate it everybody … it was worth the pain!
Ankle is OK, just stiff and sore but I ride on…

Wow! I’m the first to subscribe to this awesomeness!

:slight_smile: Nice short vid.

I wish I had a camera:(

Nice little video… the fall looked pretty nasty, but funny too.
And yes, interesting music.

Welcome to the forums and have fun riding!!

Thanks for enjoying my painful exploits!
More to come, I suppose as it seems folks actually watch them. Very cool.

This video has convinced my parents to ride. They see me ride and all they can say is “you crazy kid”, but to see someone up in years riding, really changes their opinion. Hopefully this doesn’t sound as calling you old (which I am :wink: ).

I weep…:smiley: Thats cool. Do they already ride or startin’ from scratch. Wishing them well on the wheel.

You’ve inspired them to start the process toward getting a unicycle. Which is a big step for them.