50 miles on 50th Birthday

can you give a street crossing and starting time for this Sundays ride so I can map it and get down there from the santa barbara area


Hey Hans, I just replied to you email about the ride this Sunday. I’ll get the directions for you asap.:smiley:

EDIT: The actual address where we’ll meet…or very close (we’ll use cell phones to pinpoint eachothers exact location) is
387 Paseo de la Playa, Redondo Beach. Yes, even though it’s actually at “Torrance” beach, mapquest says it’s Redondo. So mapquest that address and that’s within a block or two of where we’ll meet, depending on parking availabilty.

I’ll be there. What time are we meeting on Sunday?

you are lucky: I will have to fight like mad to stay employed … until I turn 70!

Jamey, I can pick you up again. Time is open to whatever works for all concerned.

Hey happy birthday! We’re doing our own 50 miler that day up here in the Bay Area. It’s called Scalisi’s Death Ride. About 5000’ of climbing. Hope yours is great.


We just talked and it looks like 9am would be a perfect meeting time, and we’d all probably start pedalling around 9:15 or so. Works for me!:slight_smile:

I am bumping this thread to remind everyone that we are riding at about 9am Sunday at Torrance/Redondo Beach. For anyone who hasn’t done this path, it is simply awesome. I am picking up Chuck and Jamey and anyone else along the 405 freeway that needs a lift. Chuck, still have not heard from Todd.

When everyone gets to the general area, (9am) call my cell number so I can give you the actual parking location. It’s about 2 miles inland from where the bike path starts; that extra 2 miles each way will give us the magic number: 50!

See ya all in the morning around 9am!:smiley:

It looks like I put in a 50 mile ride for your 50th birthday!

A nice 5 hour loop around the perimeter of my town.

Hope you’re having a good one!


Well today’s ride was a rip-roaring success! There was a pretty good turn out of riders to celebrrate Jim’s 50th with a full 50 mile beach ride that took us from Torrance to Malibu & back! Riders included Jim, Jamey (Uniproshop.com) Hans, Tod, Chuck (Of busted Schlumph hub fame!), John (who joined us for a short while on his Geard MUni, and myself.

There were a few mishaps; Chuck had a total tube blowout and John was nice enough to meet us early with a 29er tube. Then later Chuck had a rather nasty UPD at about 19mph while racing a road biker! Drew blood from his shin, elbow and side, but it looked worse than it was.

Oh, while in Venice I stopped for a quick caricature…check it out! (That’s supposed to be my 36er, but it looks like a 16" jugglebug lol!)

Happy B-day Jim!:):p:D :sunglasses:

Ya, it was a huge sucess and a good time (besides the soar butt). Happy Birthday Jim and congrats!!

Thanks to all the bros for showing up and indulging me, including the extra 1/2mile to make sure we got the full 50. It is an amazing sight to see 6 Cokers in a row. Then thanks to John Long for coming to the rescue with a tube and then riding his KH 24 with a KH/sclump hub. He cruised right along with us for several miles. Great day, great weather, great scenery and a great ride! Looking forward to 51.

Well done ! Glad to hear that you had a Great Day. (Must plan something similar for my 50th next year!).

Can you provide some details of the handle set up that you have please?

Many thanks … Davey Earp - Klagenfurt- Austria

I’m guessing you’re asking about Jim’s handmade custom coker handle? Here’s the thread he made about it recently: RTL(Ride the Lizard) Seat build

Sounds like a great way to spend you 50th. 50 miles is an impressive distance on any unicycle.

It is great that you were all able to ride together as well.


Excellent ! …Just the Job …Many Thanks …Dave

Belated congratulations

That is a terrific achievement!

Hey Pat! Comon down to our neck of the woods on your birthday and we’ll go for 63!:smiley:
(Just don’t wait 'till you 100…I don’t think I can ride that far in one day!:o)