50 miles on 50th Birthday

I plan to do 50 miles on my 50th Saturday April 5. Somewhere in So Cal. I’m inviting everyone with a road machine to join up. Jamey is in. May do the beach ride we did for our RTL qualifier as it was such a great ride. Keep the date open.


Yeah get ready to join the half-century club! When is your b-day? Yeah you can’t beat that beach ride it rocks! And of course, I’m in!

Now when you say road machine does that mean 36in or geared 36in. Because if its just 36in I may be in.

But luckily I’m not close to the half way mark yet.

i want a coker but I’m broke:(

Anything is cool, we’re slow!

Good Luck and Happy Birthday.
You’ve got exactly 2 years on me, and shooting for about 500 x my best distance

I’ll do 25 or so with you guys if you spin on the bikepath. My ass can’t take much more than 25.


50 for 50th

Hey, whereabouts will you be riding?
I’m over on the Westside and could probably come down to join you if I know where you’ll be.
What length cranks are you using?

you are setting a bad example: will I be obliged to ride 60 miles for my 60th birthday this year?:smiley:
Could we negociate?: 60km is the max … provided there are enough watering holes along the trip …

I can answer that; 152mm, but he wants to try 125’s. When we did our 46 mile beach ride he used 152’s and did fine, and Jamey & I used 125’s.

We will probably start in the Torrance/South Bay area and do an out and back. It is a fantastic path. I’ll be on 125s, but we average about 8 mph so we’re just enjoying it. Stop for lunch, etc. Join us!

I’ll ask again…JIM!!! when will this be?? :thinking: And why wait…let’s get back there for another ride SOON! Howbout this Sunday? Come one come all!:slight_smile:
I’m calling for a “Coker-Caravan!”

I think 60km would be admirable. I can remember when I was happy to get 60 meters.

My goal is to ride at least my age in miles each year (in one ride of course, not the whole year total lol!) for as long as possible!:smiley:

Read the first line of the post: Sat April 5th. I put the word out early, so people can plan. I may be able to ride Sunday.

I’ll be looking forward to some info on the new seat for distance!

Oops, yeah I must’ve missed that! (must be my old age!) Yeah, let me know asap so I can make plans; otherwise I may go out to SB and try Saddlerock again! :astonished: I’ll also be meeting JL later today for some riding at venice mtn, and I’ll ask him if he wants to come along, at least part way. I kinda doubt it though since we’re doing a big MUni ride tomorrow at Sullivan canyon. That may be all his knee can take. Maybe you can see if Jamey can go also.

Must be early old-timers disease, I have to work Saturday so will need to do 50 on 50 on Sunday the 6th!:o


I had all the best intentions of doing 60k on my 60th. I figured I had all day to do it and go at a sedate pace.

The day came and it was cold and drizzly. I wimped out and rode around the block. :astonished:

Best of luck to anyone attempting an age milestone like that.

Just realized I’m eligible for Social Security in October. Maybe I should ride 62k to commemorate that. I’ll probably wimp out again…

I’ve done two 46 mile rides to qualify for RTL and it is pretty comfy. I am going to do some slight modifications to improve it(I hope). I’m going to cut the gonad groove deeper and change the top foam to a little firmer, I think it is too soft.