50 mile epic MUni race!

No, I didn’t do it, but a buddy of mine who never posts here did, and I thought it was worthy of posting.

Mike Ray of Rapid City South Dakota entered and finished the Dakota 5-0 this saturday. The race is the local mountain biking championship, and is run mostly twisty smooth singletrack. It’s a pretty hard course, without much flat ground at all.

I wasn’t there, so I can’t do a big beautiful ride writeup, but I’m sure if Mike was writing he would have an awesome one. The hugeness of the ride definetely deserves a writeup, though. I might see if I can get him to type something up.

Anyway, he finished in a time of 10 hours 40 minutes on a 24" with a brake, which I’m sure got quite a bit of use. I’ve ridden all of the trail in sections for 5 mile MUni rides, and it’s pretty technical/steep in places.

everybody clap now! :smiley: Go Mike!

A link to the local paper’s write up is HERE

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