50/50 pedals

Is anyone out there using these for trials?

I know jim was riding them on his muni for a while.

any reviews?

I made a thread asking the same exact question. Basically I heard there none to good b/c of the flimsy grind plates that come with them and there just not quality pedals I’m guessing. Although if you don’t pedal grab or grind much they might work out…

I’ve seen 'em fly off the spindle while I was riding behind a bike rider doing mtx, not something I want to happen.

oh, then thats a no for me, i pedal grab and grind lots.


google it.

has anyone tried the atomlab GIs yet?

I’m going to, here pretty soon, 'round christmas time I’ll give 'em a thorough testing.

i’ve ridden the 50/50s for distance, i’m no expert but i really don’t think they would stand up to the beating of trials, the colour changeable plates are cute but i think you’d just break them. Nice for cruising on though.

okay thanks!

The user “apfelstrudl” here in the german forum used to ride them on his trial.

Heres his profile: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/member.php?u=10865

Maybe you should ask him about a review.

any reviews?

Isnt that ryan atkins pedal?

yeah I think it might be.

£90 :astonished: in my opinion that is way way too much to spend on pedals.
What do you want them for? If there for trials I would suggest getting these instead.

I have had those pedals on my KH20 all summer long and the only thing that happened was that I lost a screw from one of the plates that was hard to get a replacement for. I was too antsy to apply loc-tite. Crank brothers sells tune-up kits for them with a few spare screws, but only one out of the two bike shops that I tried could locate the actual tune-up kit. Not a big deal though.

I am not the best trials rider out there, but I learned a lot over the summer. I probably did 1 million stairs on those pedals, a ton of 3-5 foot drops, and a few out of control UPD’s that sent the uni flying. They’re still on the uni, and lookin’ good. I am about 130-140lbs as well.

I am going to put a pair of them on my Adamant A1 trials bike by spring time.

awesome, thanks Sarin!

Im thinking im going to get some fly bike ruben pedals as my next pedals now.

If those are the ones with the bushings, that Ryan Atkins uses, then yeah those are supposed to be pretty good strength wise.

I mean, come on. Ryan Atkins uses them.

are these goood pedals?http://www.unicycle.co.uk/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=601

pm forrest, he rode them for a while.