5 inch wheel unicycle, chain drive, 4 feet tall -- a gift for someone who will care for it.

Sorry for not being clear in my prior post, but I am not selling this unicycle.
Rather, I am looking for a good home for an old friend. :slight_smile:

ps: If you live near Austin Texas, delivery would be simple.

Best Wishes, Clay Chipsmith ><>

Clay Chipsmith wrote in message <7inqq1$tge$1@nntp6.atl.mindspring.net>…
>Years ago, I made a unicycle with a 5 inch wheel. It is chain drive and stands
>about 4 feet tall. Since the wheel is hard rubber, the unicycle does
>exceptional spins and turns. There is considerable gain in the sprockets, so
>movement can still be considerable even with the small wheel.
>I do not ride it much any more. Yet, I would like to see it get some use.
>If this unicycle seems interesting to you, and you would like to put it to use,
>email me at weiqi@ pipeline.com.
>Best Wishes, Clay Chipsmith ><>