4th Annual Motorama Unicycle Trials Competition

Motorama is putting on it’s 28th annual indoor race and speed show at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA! This year’s show will include, for the 4th straight year, a unicycle trials competition. The trials competition will take place on Saturday, February 18, 2006 at 10 AM. Room is still available to register to participate.

Course setup day is Friday, February 17 at 9AM at which we will be constructing a variety of obstacles for all skill levels. Help is always appreciated for Friday setup.

The trials competition will take place in the equine arena section of the Farm Show Complex. Directions and hotel information are available at the Motorama website:


In the past I have stayed at the Radisson Penn Harris Hotel which I have found to be suitable.

Registration forms are available at:

Print the application and mail it to the address specified. Simply fill out your name, address, SS# and circle “unicycle”, sign the bottom and enclose a check for $30.

For more discussion on Motorama, see: Motorama
Please post to the thread if you are planning on attending so we can determine the turnout.

We should have 2 or 3 competitors, what is the turn out like for ages 12-16?
I’d be happy to connect with people from the Southern Ontario (Canada) who are planning the trip down,

Slightly off-topic, but why oh why would they need your SS#? I see no reason for some competition to need it.


I think in the past, I’ve probably seen more riders age 16 and up at Motorama. I guess it’s all about getting your parents to drive you to Motorama if you can’t drive there yourself. But anyone is welcome to enter the competition as long as they can hop and/or ride skinnys while on a unicycle.

I appreciate the heads up. Not too sure what the ‘skinnys’ are but guessing something more narrow than a 2X4. Any advise to help us prep is a bonus.
See you there,

Riding along a 2"x4" (positioned either flat or on its side) and suspended anywhere from 0 inches off the ground to 5 feet off the ground. That is my definition of riding a skinny.