48/50 inch tire...

This may seem like a dumb question, I hope its not.

Where can I get a 48 or 50 inch tire with rim? Can you point me to any websites? And also what would be a good price for one?

Thanks in advance.


Are you looking for an air filled (pneumatic) tire or a solid rubber wheelchair style tire?

You can get a big wheel unicycle from Semcycle. It has a solid rubber wheelchair style tire. It’s about $600 US for a unicycle with a 43" wheel.

There is a German company that makes big wheels. They use solid rubber tires but they use a fancier solid rubber tire that has more cushion in it than the regular wheelchair style tires. German big wheeled unicycles. Shipping is going to be expensive.

There are other big wheel unicycles available here in the US too. The Unicycle Factory can make them. Most companies that make penny farthings can make unicycles too.

If you want a pneumatic tire then you’re going to have to find a big rickshaw style tire. It’s going to be hard to find and it’s going to be heavy. Very heavy. Think industrial style heavy with a heavy duty tire. The Japanese guy who currently holds the 100 mile speed record used a unicycle with a big pneumatic rickshaw tire (42" diameter). It was a custom unicycle. It was very heavy. It’s going to be hard to find that tire and wheel here in the US. You’ll likely have to import from Japan or Asia to get it. There is probably a reason why people here are not clamoring for unicycles made with that tire.

I know nothing about tires. I just wanted to point this out (all in good nature of course).


That’s like saying you can get it from Hawaii or the United States :smiley:

That actually happens a lot. I remember an espn announcer saying that one of our football players came to the United States from Honolulu, Hawaii.

You got me! I was sloppy. :o
I should have said Japan or other Asian country. I do know that Japan is part of Asia.

To clarify things I should add that The Unicycle Factory can make a big wheel in any size you want. So if Jeff wants a 48" or 50" big wheel, he can do it.