46.5 Inch Side Hop by Max Schulze

max is a BEAST!

I love this guys style compared to other trials riders.

He has the best LOOKING prehop :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. He’s such a beast

NAUCC Speed trials champion right here.

Kelly beat him in normal trials though :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree wicked as pre hop. mad style.

Haha, it’s funny, mainly because his prehop is probably the most flashy sidehop I’ve ever seen. That is some wicked height. If he ever gets that height consistant, that alone will make unicycling for him fun. Just being able to tackle almost any height smaller than 5 feet is a huge feat.


5ft x 12in = 60 inches
I don’t think he can jump that high yet haha

Flashy? Nah.

I wouldnt be surprised if that is consistent for Max. Like said above, he is a beast! Cant wait to ride with him again. Hes already improved tons since naucc.


How can you say you love his style after seeing one hop? (or are you refering to previous veiwings?) From the way he rolled out like that, I would say he hasnt got that consistant, He was clearly off ballance, hence the need to roll out. Still, respect, big hop.

Well, im going from the fact that I hung out with him 95% of the time while at naucc.

One hop is usually enough to know if you like someones style or not. And Id rather see him roll out on the landing. Looks way smoother than if he got on there and started to hop. ITs max though, so he can do it either way. =p

haha, I meant 50 inches, not 5 feet. My bad.

Nice hop but I still prefer the “nobody” Kelly Hickman for trials.


yeah, his prehops is the most stylish i have seen yet :slight_smile:

That was tight! I really need to learn SIF.

I still like when he hopped up my 4’ miniramp.


No I don’t think anyone was filming.

:frowning: oh well.

He did a triple jump for that. 2 prehops. It was nuts.