45 seconds of 540 unispins.


hahaha wow so nice! this is practice! :smiley:

wow 14 in a row. all in one clip was cool to see

Shit you’re fit.

haha u didnt land them all:p

no seriously… that is absolutely amazing. great job!:slight_smile:

still hop less. I probably couldn’t do that many rolling 180 unispins in a row, lol.
Awesome Job!

Awsome, but am I the only one that wanted to go and jump infront of him? :stuck_out_tongue:

holy mr. consistant!!! :astonished: :astonished:

wow its true…the unicycle really does spin in the opposite direction in the southern hemisphere…

btw good job…seriously. thats amazing consistancy

Well thats definatly confirmed my theory, Your a machine.

Awesome. Have you ever done a 720 unispin? I bet you could learn them in no time.

that was great luke. any tips on getting them consistent starting with the seat forward? I can land em pretty much everytime with the seat starting backwards.

He’s probably already learned them but won’t show us until they’re rolling with out any hops or he’s learning 720 unispin crankflips.

sure beats my record(4, no idea how i got that cuz i usually get em 1/4 of the time lol) you could totally do the 720 it seems like no problem for u.

this is why i like your riding
you can throw down your tricks consistently. you let us know that they aren’t one off one time tricks that take you 500 tries to get on film.

Everyone, Luke is very close to '720’s…

wow!! respect man!!! freaking awesome…

yes respect!

Nice! (I’m gonna beat that)